The Sustainable Food Corps at Virginia Tech strives to provide an economically vibrant and sustainable food network for the local community.

General About the Organization/Mission

The Sustainable Food Corps at Virginia Tech is a student-led and community-driven project to provide a food network for students and the local community. Through community building efforts, the organization strives to create and ever-growing network of like-minded individuals who support community agriculture efforts. 

Basic Info

Type of Organization University led non-profit
Website Sustainable Food Corp at Virginia Tech
Primary Contact Facebook (see below)
Social Media


Issues of Focus

  • Community Agriculture 
  • Sustainability 
  • Student-led advocacy 

History of Organization

Established in 2009, the organization has been an active advocate for local food initiatives. Through these initiatives, the group has a committed network of community members who are driven to establishing a student-oriented food network in the area.   

Programs and Projects 

The group maintains an active garden adjacent to the Virginia Tech campus at 1000 Plantation Road. They meet twice weekly and are also very active on social media. 

Partners and Frequent Collaborators

Future Developments for This Wiki

As this program expands, it would be good to showcase some of the specific work they do around the university