The Campus Kitchens Project is a non-profit national organization that promotes students getting involved combating food waste and hunger. The Virginia Tech location was founded in 2015.


The mission of the Campus Kitchens project is to use service as a way to build community, reduce food waste, and ensure adequate access to food for everything. According to CCVT’s website, “students in collegiate chapters across the nation collect surplus food from on-campus dining halls and help transform it to healthy meals that are distributed to food insecure individuals in the area.” This service-learning mirrors the goals of the AmeriCorp VISTA program, as well.  They serve 37-45 people a week, currently.

History of Organization

The Campus Kitchen gained approval from the national governing body to start a chapter at Virginia Tech this year. Moving foward in 2015, the kitchen is starting the chapter on campus. 


Working out of room 405 in Wallace Hall on Virginia Tech Campus

Contact Info

(540) 231-6964

[email protected]


Diversion: Monday to Friday from 1-3:30PM

Cooking: Tuesdays from 5-7PM

Delivery: Tuesday from 8:30-10:30AM and Wednesday from 7:30-9:30AM.

Food Standards

They cannot accept custards or puddings, egg-based salad dressings, food that contains alcohol, meat processed at non-USDA facilities, as well as open containers of food. They also take caution when accepting foods such as gravies and sauces, shellfish, dairy products, eggs, potatoes, and tofu. 

Food Storage

Food is stored in a refrigerator in a kitchen in Wallace, in which CCVT can prepare volumes of up to 30lbs of food.

Issues of Focus

  • Combating hunger
  • Decreasing food waste
  • Providing access to nutritious food

Partners and Frequent Collaborators

CCVT has collaborated with Micah’s backpack, the Giving Tree Food Pantry, Spiritual Roots Food Bank, and the YMCA Gardens.

Programs and Projects 

Through volunteer efforts and outreach programs, the group hopes to combat issues of food access, hunger, and food waste. 


CCVT transports the food from the dining halls to Wallace 405 in a VT state vehicle using food carriers that can maintain proper temperatures for up to 3 hours. 

Future Developments for This Wiki

Since this is just getting started, check back with this organization as they add to their chapter.