The association's goal is to provide a "vibrant and sustainable farmers market community throughout the commonwealth". This community includes traditional direct-from-grower markets as well as co-ops and other establishments. 

General About the Organization/Mission

The Virginia Famers Market Association provides resources and oversight to help establish local and sustainable farmers communities across Virginia. The organization stages events and outreach programs across the commonwealth to facilitate the economic growth of famers markets and the community of local foods.   

Basic Info

Type of Organization Non-profit
Primary Contact Contact Form
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Issues of Focus

  • Economic growth of local food initiatives 
  • Community building around local food
  • Farmers Market growth and development

History of Organization

As an organization, the association continues to solidify and grow since it was founded in 2012. With annual events and various outreach opportunities, the association has had a notable impact on Virginia Farmers markets. 

Programs and Projects 

The organization provides various resources for people looking to help with farmers market growth in the state and beyond. 

Partners and Frequent Collaborators

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