Virginia Tech Local Food Procurement strives to play a role in strengthening our region's economy through local food purchases

General About the Organization/Mission

This effort at Virginia Tech strives to bring local food onto the campus and into the dining halls. This strengthens ties between the local and regional municipalities and the university. 

Basic Info

Type of Organization Non-profit
Primary Contact Rial Carver ([email protected])
Social Media

Issues of Focus

Virginia Tech dining services and this organization attempt to source local, nutritious, and beneficial food within 250 miles of Blacksburg, Virginia. This strengthens ties with the local community and acts as an educational resource for students. 

History of Organization

As a school rooted in agriculture, the school has strived to connect the local agricultural economy with the school for decades. Recent programs to bring local foods into the dining has had spotlighted these efforts. 

Programs and Projects 

The school continues to work with local and regional farmers to source more of the dining halls' goods from local sources. 

Partners and Frequent Collaborators

Future Developments for This Wiki

This should be updated each semester to reflect current efforts and initiatives, as they change regularly. 

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