Bullet Tree Falls is a village in Cayo District. It has a population of about 3000 people, mostly Spanish-speaking mestizos. There is also a significant population of American and Canadian ex-pats living in the area.

The village is located along the Mopan River about 3 miles from San Ignacio. The two sides of the village are connected by the single-lane Salvador Fernandez Bridge.

Getting Around

Taxis run throughout the day between Bullet Tree Falls and San Ignacio. To catch a taxi from San Ignacio, go to the taxi stand where Wyatt Street meets Burns Avenue. These are collectivo taxis, which means that several people share the taxi ride. A collectivo taxi between San Ignacio and Bullet Tree Falls normally costs BZ$2 (or BZ$3 after 7pm). Collectivo taxis run until about 9 or 10 pm. After that, you have to get a private taxi. A private taxi will cost BZ$10 – $20. It is also possible to hail a taxi anywhere between San Ignacio and Bullet Tree, but it may be difficult to find one that isn't already full.

Buses to San Ignacio or Spanish Lookout can be caught at any of the bus stops along Bullet Tree Road or Santa Familia Road. A bus ride to San Ignacio will cost BZ$1.

Services and Utilities


Belize has a rudimentary water treatment system that provides potable water to most of the village. Water is only pumped during the day, so many houses have a cistern for storing water. Water services are paid for at a flat rate of BZ$12.50 per month regardless of usage (or BZ$150 per year). The office of the water board is located in a small building behind the main bus stop on Bullet Tree Road.

You can also buy 5 gallon jugs of drinking water from Chen's Supermarket or one of the water trucks that drive through town each day. The trucks typically charge BZ$3 per jug.


Electricity is provided by BEL, whose nearest office is in San Ignacio.


Butane can be purchased in Bullet Tree Falls at the Caramba filling station (622-7721) on the north side of town. Many people go to Sirrom Gas on the George Price Highway instead since it offers cheaper prices. There is also a BWEL butane truck that drives through town every day and will stop to refill your butane tank if you flag them down or leave your tank near the road.


There are several providers of internet access for Bullet Tree Falls. Wireless internet is available from BTL or Infinite Wireless, although service is dependent on having line-of-sight to their towers. Cellular internet is available from Smart or DigiCell, although coverage may be spotty in some areas. Central TV & Internet does not provide internet services to Bullet Tree Falls even though they do provide cable. There are also a couple internet cafes on the north side of town offering hourly access.

Cable Television

Cable television is available in most of Bullet Tree Falls from Central TV & Internet. They charge a flat fee of BZ$45 per month. There office is located on Burns Avenue in San Ignacio.


Garbage is collected once a month, usually between 7 and 8 am on a Sunday. It is customary to donate a couple dollars for the service (or more if you have a large amount of trash). There is also a dump on the George Price Highway.

Restaurants and Bars

There are several small restaurants along Bullet Tree Road in the middle of the village. They mostly serve standard regional fair: rice and beans, panades, salbutes, garnachas, burritos, and nachos. More diverse dining options can be found in the tourist district in San Ignacio.

The restaurants and bars in Bullet Tree Falls include:

  • El Cafecetio - serves authentic Belizean food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Rico's Restaurant and Bar – fine dining at Mahogany Hall Resort
  • Riverside Lodge Restaurant and Bar – burgers, sandwiches, and ceviche; sometimes has live music
  • Bar Los Adictos – a bar on the western side of the village
  • Remo's Roadhouse – a popular hang-out for ex-pats; just drinks, no food
  • Pride of Mopan – a bar towards the end of town on Santa Familia Road
  • Adelita's Fast Food – near the north end of the football field
  • Angie's Deli – near the south end of the football field
  • Nikki's – between Adelita's and Angie's Deli


There are three small supermarkets in Bullet Tree Falls: Chen's (near the main bus stop) , Maxwell (on Bullet Tree Road), and I.P.S Grocery (south of the football field). They all offer groceries, school supplies, and a small amount of hardware.


There are no banks in Bullet Tree Falls. The closest banks are in San Ignacio.

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