People often meet up for group or social gatherings in Berkeley. These meetups often happen in businesses like cafes, or in outdoor public spaces like parks.

Good places for meetups

Study meetups

If you're meeting up to study together, or do other work largely on computers, here are some places you might want to meet. See also the Oakland meetups page.

Venue Near BART? Free Wifi? Serves food? Space/electricity considerations Other notes
People's Coffee and Tea 2 blocks from Downtown Berkeley Yes ? Usually a good amount of space, wit lots of electrical outlets  
85C Bakery Cafe 2 blocks from Downtown Berkeley ? ? Lots of space, but only one functioning outlet (the other one is under repairs as of March 2016). Bread products are sometimes (always?) 2-for-1 after 8pm.
PIQ Bakery and Cafe Across the street from Downtown Berkeley Yes Yes Lots of space. Decent on electrical outlets. The music can be kind of loud.
UC Berkeley Library 3 blocks from Downtown Berkeley ? No  

Usually has long hours, but check the hours - sometimes they have non-standard hours, e.g. during spring break.