North Side at 2507 Hearst Avenue
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Perhaps the cheapest and consequently the most tasteless and insipid Chinese food to ever hit your palate. The chicken used in the poultry dishes is an unnatural gray, a challenge to cut with a knife and looks like those old frozen chicken parts that are allegedly exported to Third World countries because they are deemed unfit for First World consumption. However, this place is so cheap that I like to think that the owners have well-meaning, ulterior intentions of instilling in every Berkeley student deficient in common sense (and there's plenty of those) who patrons their restaurant that old adage, "You get what you pay for." But, given the present state of the economy, who isn't willing to pay $4 for a combination plate complete with entree, side, hot soup and tea? Smother your over-fried orange chicken with a generous squirt of Siracha and you'll be good to go. Although I hesitate to say the same for what might happen in the john later on.

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