BAM PFA museum exterior



The Film Programs at BAM PFA are excellent and delve into all sorts of esoteric and interesting themes that simply aren't possible in other movie theaters today's hardscrabble blockbuster world... Maybe it's because they're supported by the University and a non-profit? Georgian films, Mizoguchi retrospectives, and Stanley Kubrick all run in a comfortable, modern theater.  

In this age of social media and on-demand video, it can be refreshing to plunge yourself into a dark theater with no access to tablets or smartphones and watch cinema from an era when people had longer attention spans. The film industry is going through tough times, so it's great to encounter enclaves like BAM PFA, although one does get the feeling that it's one of the last of its dying breed. 

The film theater doesn't have a concessions stand, but there are water fountains outside. 

There's a massive Pacific Film Archive Library & Film Study center for aspiring filmmakers open Monday through Wednesday 1-5pm.