The purpose of ISU-VibeTribe is to create a democratic environment for DJs, fans and producers of electronic music.  Our primary function is to host shows both inside and outside of Illinois State to promote student artists and bring popular electronic music acts to the Illinois State campus. Educationally we are hoping to extend more music production resources to the general ISU student body by booking artists to host masterclass style meetings on the production of music, and by gathering performance gear to be used by organization members as well as training members on how to use them. 

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Vibe Tribe was founded by seven members who knew that Illinois State was lacking a music scene that was relevant to what the students actually wanted to listen to.  It was formed spring semester of 2014 with the intention to bring attention to electronic music and was initially aimed to DJ's as their primary target audience.  Since then it has grown to have its own sub groups inside of the club that all benefit Vibe Tribe whether the individual is musically talented or not.  There is a social media team to bring more awareness to the organization online, a flow arts group which is spinning poi or dancing with hoops, teams to help promote the events and also all of the talented artists in the club that range from the most grimey dirty dubstep to melodic R&B.


This club is renown for organizing and throwing the most energetic and engaging concert experience that you will find in Bloomington Normal.  The most well known event is the annual Silent Disco which continues to grow every year as you can see below.  Silent Disco is a multi stage event which does not have any amplifiers the sound is transmitted through to headphones you get when you use your ID as collateral.  The reason this is such a unique event is that the artists are playing for the same crowd so you can see the battle for the audiences attention, the headphones have a LED light that switches color based on which stage you are listening to. Along with its musical selection, the Silent Disco also involve the visual art community by featuring multiple light shows designed by university students, as well as a collection of student works and installations that will be used to promote the show before its launch. The event, as well as the performance, is recorded and a recap video is available for streaming after the show has ended.

There are also many more events that this club is responsible for.  Inside of the Bone center on Illinois States campus is the brown ballroom which has also been known to host events for this organization.  Even though we are tied directly to the university we are still allowed to host events that are not on campus.  The most popular place to host Vibe Tribe is the Pub II which has been extremely beneficial in the process of getting the community more involved in the music scene we are attempting to create.  It has hosted acts such as Nostalgia, Indigo Child, Grantonic, and Bassick.

Our artists are now being able to have opportunities that they may have never thought was possible just through the networking of this club.  Vibe Tribe members have had many opportunities to play for live audiences.  Canopy Club in Urbana has been known to have members play there ( J-milli. Mikho, etc).  The council members that have graduates went on to create AudisBliss in Chicago to funnel in Vibetribe talent where we have thrown events at "The Abbey Pub" and even renting a yacht to throw a concert on lake Michigan.  The biggest known member Nostalgia has so far had the most success of everyone.  He has been on beatport top ten hits for dubstep, headlined the festival "Grimetime" and in October of 2015 was even flown to Paris, France for an all expenses paid trip to play for "Animalz" a music festival focused on electronic acts. Which you can listen to his live set here https://soundcloud.com/nostalgia/live-at-animalz-2015.  Only being the second real year this club shows the potential to be a very large organization showing that there is only room to get bigger and they are even working on becoming a national organization throughout colleges in coming years.


Silent Disco 2014


Silent Disco 2015 (as shown above)




This Illinois State club has three unique workshops unlike any other that is offered through this school.  The first workshop is for the members who want to get more into live table spinning but do not quite know exactly how to go about learning because of the overwhelming and intimidating program set up.  For this course typically a skilled artist with proper credentials is brought in to break down the dynamics of being a live DJ.  We have multiple decks for all of the skill levels that our club might offer such as a standard plug in and play numark to a high tech CDJ 2000's which is the most popular choice in clubs and touring DJ's.

Another workshop that is offered is a program called able2play.  This class is meant to teach students how to properly create a song and all the steps you need to take to ensure your song is ready for an array of people to listen to.  We focus on the music production program Ableton which is the most popular among the electronic music scene currently and all of the plug ins that are associated with it.  A plug in is a tool that you open inside of Ableton that you can not open by itself and is used to effect your sounds to customize it for yourself.  These classes usually take place as a seminar so a certified instructor will come down for the day and hold a six hour course.

Finally the last workshop is more of a subgroup of Vibe Tribe because of how frequently they hold their lessons.  This club has a flow group which is essentially different ways to dance to the music using LED's, the three most popular types are gloves, hula hoops, and poi.  The purpose of this is to teach people who want to be involved but are not musically talented or show no interest in the musical aspect at all.  Flow art gives the user the ability to freely demonstrate how the music is portrayed through their motions, dancing and mesmerizing the crowd along with them.

( LED poi shown above)