Activities to do when you're bored for little or no $!

If you're bored and in the town of Bloomington/Normal there are many possibilities you could do to either have fun or waste time without spending a fortune.  There is a variety of things you could do in either the Summer or Winter months and some vary depending on the season that you're bored.


Eastland Mall Shopping Center


  • Go to the Mall- If you choose to go to the Eastland Mall you could shop, just walk around, or even get a bite to eat at the food court. The mall has many stores and food places including Ms. Fields (famous for their cookies), Pretzel Time, Gloria Jeans, and many more.
  • Go Bowling- Going bowling would be a good time-waster but it is also a place that could be fun especially if you go to Pheasant Lanes and/or AMF Circle Lanes. It's the bowling alley that also has put-put golfing and volleyball on the side. In bowling allies there are arcades and concessions as well. AMF Circle Lanes has certain special events like having 2 hour bowling for only $12 dollars. They also have "night bowling" which means at 9pm they turn off the regular lights and turn on the blacklights and disco ball.                                                                                                             
  • Go to Wal-Mart- Going to Wal-Mart sounds like a weird thing to do especially if you want to have fun.  But if you get a friend to go with you and just walk around you would be surprised how entertaining it could be. You can find funny objects that you could buy or you could even just people watch.
  • Go on a cruise- Taking a cruise is a great and relaxing activity to do when you're bored or even want to get away.  Driving or riding your bike on the back roads or in the country is also a safer way to relax because those roads are less busy. When cruising you can listen to music and just empty your thoughts and this could lead to parking somewhere quant and stargazing if the sky is right.
  • Go on a nature walk- If you're feeling adventurous, going on a nature walk is perfect for you.  The Constitution Trail is a perfect spot to take a safe yet beautiful walk. With many trees and views you feel closer to nature. The trail extends for miles and if you go to both ends that would definitely be a nice way to waste time.
  • Walk around Uptown Normal- Uptown Normal has many activities to offer in itself. You could enjoy the outdoor scenory and live music from local bands or just a person trying to make a few bucks. You could also visit the shops and resturaunts like the well known Emack and Bolios (famous for their icecream). You could also have a picnic in the main circle and just enjoy the outdoors.
  • Go to Grady's Family Fun Park and Pizza- If you want a fun, safe place to take friends or family Grady's is the place to go. Grady's Family Fun Park and Pizza is a park full of activities and outdoor things to do including; mini-golfing, arcade games, rollercoaster/rides, batting cages, etc. They also have food there like their well known pizza and ice cream.
  • Go to the Pool or Waterpark- In Bloomington-Normal we have three main pools, Fairview Park & Aquatic Center, Anderson Pool, and Statefarm Pool (need an active employee to enter). Fairview is off of Main street and includes two main pools with slides and a diving board, a sand area for children and volley ball, a set of three big slides varying in speed, and a food court.