Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)—Bloomington Field Office

The children of our community need our help, they need homes and families and love.  Children like this, they are neglected and helpless.  It is up to us, the adults of this community to get them what they need.  The Department of Children and Family Services is where you can make a difference.  They are there to help our children in need and to give our community information and assistance.  They work hand in hand with ABC Counseling with adoption, and cases of abuse where the counselors are experts in.  They also work with the Center for Youth and Family Solutions.   They work with The Forgotten Initiative with the foster system.  This wiki is going to give you more information on DCFS to help our community.

Important Information:       Address:    401 Brown Street                           Phone: (309) 828-0022
                                                                 Bloomington, IL 61701                   TTD:     (309) 829-1952

                                                                                                                                           (DCFS Numbers)

Mission Statement: Protect children who are reported to be abused or neglected and to increase their families’ capacity to safely care for them; Provide for the well-being of children in our care; Provide appropriate, permanent families as quick as possible for those children who cannot safely return home; Support early intervention and child abuse prevention activities; Work in partnership with communities to fulfill this mission.   (All-DCFS)


Vision Statement: DCFS is committed to acting in the best interest of every child it serves and to helping families by increasing their ability to provide a safe environment for their children and by strengthening families who are at risk of abuse or neglect. DCFS envisions a future in which children who have been abused or neglected: Are served with respect, fairness and linguistic and cultural competence, Live in families that are safe and healthy, Live safely at home or are placed for short-term care in capable, nurturing foster homes, Have no unplanned placement disruptions, Are quickly and safely reunited with their families through restorative services or are placed with adoptive families or permanent guardians when reunification is not possible, Are served by a comprehensive continuum of services including the provision of residential placement when that best meets the child’s needs, Live in communities where partnerships between DCFS, which has immediate and direct responsibility for wards, and other public and private agencies provide an effective array of services to meet the needs of children and families and prevent child abuse and neglect, Are served by competent, highly trained staff who respond to every report of abuse or neglect and who act quickly and professionally to protect them and ensure their well-being, Are served by a legal system that will promptly and efficiently adjudicate their cases and provide for an appropriate and expeditious disposition.    (All-DCFS)


The People That Work Here: Kendra Helferich, Daniel Norris, Lee Boedigheimer, Brandt Randles, Mark Delashmit, Patricia Shannon, Susan Myers, Brenda Katz, Glenda Gangler, Stephanie Soderstrom, James Marmion, Betty Hope, Jamie Ralph, Scott Wiseman, Tracy Wolf, Juliana Harms, Rachael Kerrick, Dawn Spencer, Cynthia Jackson, Julie Jones,  Faith Stutsman,  Marie Whiteside,  Mark Ohrwall, Tameka Thompson, Hermie Bautista, Charnette Griffin, Molly Mintus, Gary Roemersberger, Mary Ann Poynter, Richard Schmidt, Nancy Cooley, Teresa Ann Howland, Angela Plesko, Amber Davis, Brian Goodwin, Heather Dehm, Joy Hershberger, Jim Leeds, and Shari Rushton.


I know Kendra Helferich and Heather Dehm personally; they are very nice and supportive of me, as a foster child. I also know Brian Goodwin, he is a very nice man and very supportive.  If you know someone, a child in danger, who needs love and support, please do not hesitate to call the office and ask for one of these women, or any one there, and get their help. The sooner our children get help, the sooner they can shape our future.

 People to Talk to For:   Foster Care License: Maria Levengood


                                            Adoption: Tracy Wolf

Information to Get At the Office: They offer information on child abuse and neglect: When someone makes a call about child abuse/neglect, a DCFS investigator is immediately notified and then they must see the child within 24 hours. If need be, that investigator will take the child(ren) into protective custody. One thing that they stress is: Child abusers do go to prison. Just give a call to their hotline (800) 252-2873 to make a report. (Child abuse and Neglect)


           They offer knowledge on substitute care.  They have a booklet, for which I will also provide for you, that "explains what has happened, what to expect, and guidelines for what you should do  (Substitute Care)." Although the information is general and not specific to any ones case.  This booklet provides more on child abuse and neglect.  They have certain sections for "What is child abuse (Substitute Care)?" and "What is child neglect (Substitute Care)?"  This booklet gives information on juvenile court. There is information on what will happen with visits, regarding your child.  It gives you a list of rights, as a parent, that you have.  There is even a list of "Do's and Don'ts (Substitute Care) " that you should follow on visits. There is much more information in this booklet. (Substitute Care)


            There is this special brochure that they have called "What a difference family makes!" This brochure opens with the following words, "Thousands of Illinois families have opened their hearts and their homes to abused and neglected children by becoming licensed foster families. They provide secure and loving homes for children in need of a temporary home. Children come into foster care frightened and feeling alone. They’ve been separated from their families, and moving into a foster home is scary (Difference)."  Then it goes on to tell about some of the children that have gone through foster care, neglect, or abuse.

              You are always welcome to go into their office at 401 Brown Street in Normal to get more brochures and information regarding anything listed above and more. They have more brochures than anything, they even have some in Spanish.  So go ahead and plan a visit. 

Hotlines:   Information and Assistance- 800-232-3798 and/or 217-524-2029

                   Child Abuse- 800-252-2873

                   Foster Parent- 800-624-5437

                   Adoption- 800-572-2390

                   Youth- 800-232-3798

                   Missing Child- 866-503-0184

                   Day Care Information- 877-746-0829 and/or 312-328-2779 

                   Inspector General- 800-722-9124

                   All- (DCFS Home)


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