Ewing Manor

48 Sunset Road, Bloomington
Illinois State University
By appointment only

Ewing Manor is a place where you can hold many different social events such as: -Weddings -Receptions -Lunches -Dinners -Banquets -Meetings -Retreats -Lectures -Cultural events

You can get professional pictures taken at the beautiful Ewing Manor estate for events such as: -Senior pictures -Wedding pictures -Engagement pictures

There are many events that take place at Ewing Manor such as: -Illinois Shakespeare Festival takes place in the open air theater that seats 430 people

Inside of Ewing Manor: -Huge living room -Beautiful library -Elegant dining room perfect for luncheon, meetings, and social gatherings -Relaxing Sunroom -Spacious kitchen designed for caterers -Game room good for retreats, business meetings, lectures, and banquets

(The game room accommodates 80 audience style or 50 sit down dinner)

-Courtyard ideal for weddings, cultural events, outdoor programs

The gardens at Ewing Manor include: -Flowering crabs, redbuds, hawthorne, and viburnum -Violets, phlox, day lilies, and flowering shrubs -It is known for its collection of bulbs: snow drops, scilia, bluebells, and daffodils.

Some prohibited activities include: -Recreational games such as: frisbee, kites, sleds, skateboards, scooters, and roller blades -Bicyclists must walk their bikes when they arrive. Bikes may not be ridden on the pathways or any other area of Ewing. -Stay on the pathways -Do not pick flowers or climb on anything