work out plan

Overall fitness is hard to achieve a person must put a lot of hard work and time into it. I would like to help you make the right decisions to maximize your body’s potential. Working out is more than you would originally think. There is a lot to consider when you want to improve your overall health for example if you’re going to the gym or workout at home. If you’ll stick to your plan and surpass your goals, the supplements you’ll take.

If you are going to set up a diet plan, what type of diet plan you are going to be able to keep using. Everything has to looked at and taken into consideration very closely. Bloomington is full of gyms all around, with different style such as rock climbing or just strength training (weight lifting). The hard part in looking for the right gym is which ones going to be best for you. Which gym are you actually going to go to and keep going to? What gym is closest to your house? If you’re someone who wants more of a machine type of work out rather than a free weight exercise than walking into any gym will look good.

The main problem I have with machine work outs is that it does not work your secondary muscles. Secondary muscles are muscles that you are indirectly using when doing an exercise. For example if you are doing curls with dumbbells then you are going to be using more than just your bicep. If you are doing curls with the machine than you are going to be using only your biceps, it is not bad if you want to focus on one main area of concern but it will be more beneficial to use more free weights rather than the mat.

Take care of your body

there are a lot of ways you can take care of your body. and exercise is one of them. when you exercise it keeps your body fit and tone. another way is having diet and good workout plan. if one of those arent in your schedule then you need to check this page out. its shows you the easy ways of staying fit and taking care of your body.

if you dont exercise you could get real lazy. and when that happends you feel real fatigued and you kind of want to sit around and eat all day. you could get out of shape if you dont exercise everyday and thats never good. you dont have to do a lot really. all you need to do is maybe jog or you could do some abs. you could also do push ups anything that gets your blood flowing is good. a good place to go and run would be the constitutional trail in Bloomington.

Getting Started

When you are starting out there are a few things you should start off with. First you should take a look into your diet, look at what you are getting too much of or too little of. Cutting out fast food is going to have a huge impact on your overall fitness level. Once you have taken the time and looked into your diet make the proper change so that you are getting the right amounts of nutrients. After that you should see what type of exercise best fits you, or what your main goal is.

Do you want to do more of a cardio work out and lose weight? Or are you trying to add muscle and get bigger? Personally I believe you should add both types of work outs into a single routine that you will be able to do. It would not make sense to be this big strong guy if your heart was not healthy enough to pump blood around your body fast enough for you to reach your maximum potential. Set up a routine that is going to get your heart rate up and going. You’re going to need to set up a routine that you will not get bored with as well, have a workout that is going to change every once in awhile so you don’t do the same work outs every time. Getting bored with the work out is going to end up ruining the entire plan for you, you will slowly start to workout less and less and then stop.

Try to set up a set time that you will be able to be free to do these work outs, 3 days a week should be a minimum and anything more would be great. Limit your routine to about an hour as well, if you can go for longer than an hour you are not pushing yourself hard enough during your routine. The final step is going to be to stick to it and keep going and always know the results will be worth it in the end. Being able to out run your friends or out bench your buddies is a feeling you’ll remember for a long time.

OPTIONAL – Taking a picture of your body before you start the diet and work out plan you will pick areas you want to improve on. You will critic your body and fix the areas until you are satisfied with them. Having a picture after about 60 days is going to show you what improvements you have made and how much you have lost/gained or how defined you’re getting. It is a great idea to use this approach because seeing the before picture is going to scare you into working out to the fullest. Then seeing the after picture is going to wow you to keep going to see what you can do with your body. Men should take the picture in shorts with no shirt, front and back, as well as one with your arms up and flexing. Women should take the picture in a sports bra/bra, shorts, front and back, and one with your arms up flexing as well.



Strength- the extent to which muscles can exert force by contracting against a resistance Power. ability to exert maximum muscular contraction instantly in an explosive burst of movements Agility. ability to perform a series of explosive power movement in rapid succession in opposing directions Balance.

ability to control the body’s position Flexibility. ability to achieve an extended range of motion without being impeded by excess tissue Muscular endurance. a single muscle’s ability to perform sustained work Cardiovascular endurance. heart’s ability to deliver blood to working muscles and their ability to use it Strength endurance. a muscle’s ability to perform a maximum contraction time after time (Strength + Power)

There are all kinds of styles involved with working out. It mostly depends on what routine you like the best or what routine is going to give you the body you are looking for. If you are trying to get bigger and build muscle you are going to want to go with more of a strength and power routine rather than more of a cardio work out. Cardio work outs are going to be more of running and getting your heart rate higher.

They focus on your heart health and overall inside health, when I say inside health I mean your heart and arteries as well as other things inside your body like moving blood and oxygen around to different areas of your body. Bloomington has all kinds of places to run in or local gyms with free leg equipment to use like la fitness. or weather it is around your neighborhood on the sidewalk or on something such as the constitution trail.

Getting a few friends together and going out and playing basketball at your friends house counts as cardio, you can make working out fun by adding in some friendly competition. Having strong cardio is going to get you running up and down the court while the person with weak cardio is going to do it once and start breathing heavy then quit. another great way to get right in to cardio is using are top of the line gym equipment at L.A fitness.



Nutrition - process of nourishing or being nourished Fats- one source of energy Carbohydrates- body’s main source for energy Protein- Needed for repair and growth of muscle tissues and other body tissues Minerals- inorganic elements that occur in the body Vitamins- help chemical processes in the body Water- essential for life. a great way to get certain essentials for your body like fruits. you could go to our smoothy king here in bloomington. you could also go to complete nutrition

To be physically fit you have to have a balanced diet that the body can depend on for energy. Everything we eat is turned into energy through our bodies; glycogen is the main source of energy. Glycogen is mostly carbohydrates. Having to little glycogens for your body to use for energy when your being physically active means you are going to feel tired, have a higher risk for injury, and if you are playing a sport it will make you perform worse then you could with the proper amount of glycogen.

A healthy diet should consist of 57% carbohydrates (breads, sweets, sugar), 30% fats (oils, dairy products), and 13% protein (eggs, milk, chicken, fish). If you’re someone watching or counting your calories then you should know, for every gram of carbohydrates and protein you will get 4 calories. For every gram of fat you will be getting 9 calories.

Having a healthy diet is going to help in the long run. It builds you up for when you’re older and your immune system starts to lower. Eating healthy helps with your skin and the fight against acne as well as improving your immune system. A healthy diet may help you to live longer and possibly a happier lifestyle. Being able to go out and do the things you love to do. Rather than be stuck at the doctors for heart, joint or other health complications. I’ve been looking into short term diet plans to try out.

Most of the local grocery stores carry health food products.



 Every one see’s those weight lose pills and instant weight lose shake on television. If they really worked everyone in the world would be in shape and ripped. Adding a protein shake after your work outs is highly recommended though. After working out your muscles will be in the process of re building from your routine and they will need all the protein they can get to maximize their re build.

What that means is basically taking the protein shake after your work out is going to help you gain mass and size faster. Taking a shake does not mean you are taking steroids or anything of that nature. All a shake is is extra protein to feed your muscles to help them rebuild on your rest day and then grow and get tighter. A perfect place to shop for supplements is going to be the GNC store in the mall, the workers there help you with all of your questions about which is going to be best for you. Anything you can think of they will have the answer to.

Recently I have been looking for a new supplement or kind of protein shake that I can take to maximize my results. When looking for a supplement you need to be extremely careful because those shakes that advertise having 50 grams of protein in every serving could really mean nothing. They may have 50 grams of protein in every serving but look at the label and see how many grams are in the serving, it could be 50 grams of protein but having 75 grams per serving means the product is not high in protein.

Through my searching I have found what I think to be a good product. Cytosport complete whey protein, it is high in protein having 18 grams per 22 grams in the serving. Also having only 1 gram of carbohydrates is good because you can get all the carbs you need from food, carbs that are left in the body will turn into sugars that will turn into fat.

Being Healthy or Fit has more than you would originally think. There’s more to it than just lifting a couple weights and turning into the incredible hulk. You have to put a lot of time and effort into it until you get the results you were waiting for.


Workout programs

Its easy to visit a gym and just start using the machines or lifting weights. but without the right motivation and guide it really doesnt work out or show results. there are many ways to stay on track and record what you have been doing, one of the best ways is a work out program.

a work out program is very simple to get by just going to visite your local gyms like LA Fitness or Golds Gym and you could easily ask for a gym work out guide. or you could make your own.

so for a work out guide you have upper body and lower body. you have the certain weight you can lift and how many times you should do it. over timer you tend to do less reps but more weight to gain muscle. or more reps and less weight for toning. it just depends on what your focused on.

work out programs are made to build you slowly but surely over time increasing the certain weigh

t you do or how many reps you attend. or if you would like to gain muscle and you want to just tone your body. you could do a lot of Repititions of the same weights to tone your body out. its all about how much your motivated to getting started. you can grow on that and trust me results will come with hard work 


Personal Trainer

There are plenty of places to go work out and build on your body and get to the goal your trying to reach. the best way to reaching your goal and doing it right is getting a personal trainer. they are there guiding and helping you whenever you need it. personal trainers can be real expensive now a days, but at L.A fintness they provide trainers for all customers.

you dont always have to use a personal trainer . you could use them for advice you need or setting you up a good begginers workout. they could even help you out with your diet plan. that is a great way to get started on your journey of success. some of the best places to train i at our gyms around town. we all have to start small so why not get help doing it.


Specific Lifts 

  1. Upper Body Lifts
  •  bench press this focuses on your pectoralis major/chest area to build and get a stronger chest.
  • Military press if you would like to build on your shoulder muscle this workout helps with that.
  • dumbbell curls  this helps your arms out more on the bicep in your arms.
  • lat pull down wide grip/close grip the wide grip helps you work out the sides of your chest area or lats and the close helps out with your triceps.
  1. Lower body lifts
  • ​Squats this workout helps with toning the butt and leg area and also strengthens your calf muscle. 
  • Leg press this workout helps more with your thigh muscles.
  • calf raises this workout hits one spot and thats your calf muscle. 
  • Box jumps this workout helps with lower body explosion and i higher vert.
  1. ABS there are many workouts for your abs  it just depends on what part you want to work out the most. I recomend using this insane workout for your core/abs that i used. this workout is called P90X. this workout has a awesome diet plan if you want to get further in to it and also has  really good workout programs you can go by. 

if that didnt help you at all there is a good all around workout guide you can go look at that would really help you reach your goal.


advantages of our local gyms

we have a lot of gyms that are great for new comers. with a lot of good advantages to making your first time visit a great experience.

the equipment at our gyms are state of the art and brand new. they are made to give you a maximum workout at full potential. 

one of our newest gyms L.A Fitness now has multiple courts you can play on including a swimming pool for all the swimmers, a gym just for Zumba. so if you like to just stretch and get some daily exercise  in you can attend there zumba classes they are hosting now.

working out and exercising doesnt have to be boring and so serious all the time. it can be fun all the time if you make it. her is a video thats fun and a little spicey but still helps you exercise at our new gym L.A Fitness.