Fitness Quest is located on 201 N Prospect in Bloomington, IL. It is locally owned and operated. Fitness Quest is IYCA certified. It is a gym that is exclusively for personal trainers and their clients. They also offer their equipment to the public if you are not interested in their personal training services. To access their equipment without using one of their personal trainers, you must first pay a monthly fee. Fitness Quest is a small place that makes you feel important when you are there. They have many different personal trainers to choose from. Their are men and women personal trainers ranging in age anywhere from twenty to fifty. They offer one on one training, group training, and a junior fit club. Usually the group training is classified as "boot camp". What they do for boot camps is they set up several different stations. You start at the first station, do whatever you are supposed to at that station for a given time period, and then once the time is up you rotate to the next station until you have completed all the stations. If you are still feeling energetic by the time you have completed all the stations then you can always repeat the stations. The junior fit club is desiginated for children. Fitness Quest offers this program for children because physical education is not always enforced in schools anymore. Fitness Quest wants your children to be just as healthy and fit as you do. There are various types off equipment offered at Fitness Quest. This includes; kettle bells, jump ropes, weights, medicine balls, ellipticals, treadmills, and much more! If you are ready and willing to change how you look, but you do not quite know where to start. Fitness Quest is the place for you because they will do all that they can to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. They want to see you accomplish those goals just as much as you do!