Game Time Gym II is located in Bloomington. The address is: 404 Olympia Drive, and they can be contacted in person, over the phone, or via email. Game Time Gym has a lot to offer those who live in the Bloomington area. They offer leagues, camps and tournaments for several sports including: baseball, soccer, basketball, football, and volleyball. In addition to their camps, the gym also hosts birthday parties, summer training, private lessons, and sport teams for pre-school aged children.

Game Time Gym offers a co-ed sports in their Co-Rec League, the other leagues require everyone on the team to be of the same sex.

Game Time Gym II is a place where you can be in a sports league, go to a sports camp, or get sports skills training.

Leagues -Basketball -Volleyball -Flag football -Soccer

Camps -Summer camps -Performance training -Basketball -Volleyball -Football -Soccer -Baseball

Skills Training -Basketball -Volleyball -Pitching and hitting -Soccer -Parisi Speed School