Location One: (Located inside of Eastland Mall)

Address: 1615 East Empire Street #465, Bloomington, IL Telephone: (309) 664-0847

Location Two:

Address: 101 North Veterans Parkway, Bloomington, IL Telephone: (309) 661-0230

Reasons to shop at Gamestop

GameStop is a retail store full of games and accessories. You can get good deals on used and accessories and if you have any problem with the purchase you can return the product for an exchange or your money back. GameStop also offers pre-orders on the latest upcoming released games. This allows you to pay for a game of you desire full or partial before the game is released. Note: if you haven’t paid off your pre-order they will notify you to see you are going to pay the rest or if you would like to terminate the payment. If you choose to do so you will get all of the money you put down on the game. Furthermore GameStop also do midnight releases on pre-orders, this means you’re able to pick up your able to stop by and pick up your game at midnight the day before the game is released to non-pre-order customers.

GameStop if home for all the gamer guys/girls. So don’t be shy to stop by at the either of the 2 locations above.