Greek Life

The Greek life at Illinois State University is not as large as other Illinois Universities. At ISU students do not feel obligated to be a part of Greek life as well as a common respect between frats and non-geek students. Currently there are many registered fraternities along with professional business and multicultural organizations. Students who are interested in the Greek life need to be ready for fall and spring rush. Rush is an exciting time where poitental members gather to the bone student center. A few days after that event, fraternities will contact students who are interested in joining. Every fraternity has a different rush style so for more information please contact the fraternities themselves. Many people who choose to rush first find the houses by going to the house during an afterhour's event or hear about what each house has to offer from events held at the bone student center. At the Bone, there will be booths of every house and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Reason Students Join

Joining a Greek organization is a great way to make Illinois State University appear friendlier and easier to handle. It gives a person a place and people to count on when needed. When joining a fraternity the most important element would be brotherhood. It’s a feeling of togetherness, support, and teamwork all combined. It is something that takes time to develop. Once your time at ISU is complete, you have opportunities to help getting your foot in the door at your future career. Often over looked is the possibilities that having a large network of people to help getting the door open on the dream job right out of college. In every large business throughout the world may have a member of the fraternity and they may help you after you graduate.

Why are fraternities known as Greek organizations?

Fraternities use the Greek letters to distinguish themselves from the rest. The Greek letters were chosen during the 1800s for a number of reasons. First would be a tribute to the first true democracies in the western side of the world, Greek words are used for secret and public mottoes and roles of officers as well. At the time, many organizations grew from literary societies that were committed to the discussion of classical literature that was popular to the educated classes. Currently around the town of Normal you will notice houses with strange letters on it. if you happen to learn the Greek alphabet while at ISU then it will be easy to identify the houses you pass going to class. A list of all the registered Fraternities and Sorties can be found on the ISU search menu.

*Click here for a current list of all the fraternities at ISU Fraternities Fraternities


Formal Recruitment

During the first few weeks of the semester recruitment will take place. As you stroll through the quad you will notice Greek letters written in chalk along with information so you will remember them when it comes time for open house. The Interfraternity Council runs formal recruitment. The first event is the open house, where it gives interested men the opportunity to visit any of the Fraternity houses to ask questions and get to know the members. The next event planned is theme night. Theme night is for a second chance to meet the guys and join in on activities planned by each chapter’s members. The invite dinner follows a day or two after the theme night and each fraternity will extend invitations to those they deem worth of a last look before voting on whether or not to extend a bid. Transportation will be provided if event is held off campus. Once all of the meet and greet is finished potential new members should stop by the Dean of Students Office to sign a grade release cards officially signing to a fraternity.

Informal Recruitment

Informal recruitment is another option for potential members to discover the fraternities at Illinois State University. Informal recruitment takes place all year and this allows for the chapter houses themselves contact potential member on an individual basis and invites them to an event. This approach is used to help people who are interested but rather not feel pressured to join a chapter that can be brought on by formal recruitment.

Check out the video Illinois State University created for Recruitment. Go Greek

Being Involved

Being involved in a Greek organization allows for the opportunities to contribute to a well-rounded college experience. Greek member participate in many activities on campus and in the surrounding community. During any given week a chapter could have a full week of activities both social or community service/fundraisers: • Formals • Homecoming • Mixers • Athletic activities • Retreats • Informal get-togethers • Other Special Events


The role of the alumni as advisors or International Greek officers and consultants is important. Lifetime friendships expand beyond individual chapters to include all members of the national and international Greek life community. Alumni organizations help students network for potential employment opportunities after graduation, and keep in touch through newsletters, e-mail, meetings, and special alumni events.

What is the normal size of a fraternity?

The size of the chapter’s members varies from chapter to chapter. The normal rage for a house at Illinois State would be 60 to 120 members. Some chapters can have as few as five members. The size of the chapter is calculated by the number of current members; the total from every member that has stepped through the house. One chapter formally at ISU had 1139 members from the starting date in 1971. Due to poor judgment the fraternity is currently disbanded until 2015. What is usually unseen is the amount of community service that takes place with the Greek organizations. Every green organization has an official charity to raise funds and awareness for. No other segment of the student population dedicates more time and resources, or has raised more money then members of the Greek community. From volunteering in hospitals, running rood drives, to giving blood, to raising money for charities such as the Children’s Miracle Network; it is safe to say that ISU’s fraternities are lending a helping hand. One such event would be the North American Food Drive; On November 6, 1993, (Lambda Chi Alpha*) began a philanthropy that has collected more then 30 million pounds of food for the needy across North America. This annual even has become the largest philanthropic project sponsored by a collegiate organization. *Lambda Chi Alpha was disbanded due to National decision until 2015. The North American Food Drive touches the lives of more and more community members each year. With an increased effort in helping those who are less fortunate, brothers continue to uphold the ideals of the Fraternity for all to see by making a difference for the needy in your community.(National Food Drive)* *Food Drive was run by former Fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha

Leadership Opportunities

Fraternities demonstrate democracy in action. They are families, communities, and some are legal corporations with annual budgets of over $50,000. Many members live and learn to work within this environment. Officers within each chapter are elected at the beginning of the semester to manage the day-to-day operations of the organization. These officers are assisted by members serving on committees and by alumni who act as advisors. The advisors offer a great amount of assistance and should be utilized when it comes to decisions. Additionally, many organizations have regional and international leadership conferences where students learn a variety of leadership skills. Finally, members also can serve on a variety of university and Greek Council governance, judicial, and other Greek life sub-committees. Fraternities and sororities provide a solid foundation in leadership training that prepares students for the demands and responsibilities needed for the future.


The role of the alumni as advisors or International Greek officers and consultants is important. Lifetime friendships expand beyond individual chapters to include all members of the national and international Greek life community. Alumni organizations help students network for potential employment opportunities after graduation, and keep in touch through newsletters, e-mail, meetings, and special alumni events.

About the Author

With all of this talk about joining a fraternity you still may have questions. I just wanted to let you know that I was a member of a former Fraternity when I was studying at ISU; there is so much more to be said then on an online page. If you are serious about joining Fraternity/Sorority if transferring to ISU, then before you finish your time at heartland check out one of their meetings at the starting of each semester. There is more information provide as long as you ask. Check out each one of houses to see if they are people you are willing to be friends with for your college career. Another helpful tip: don’t worry about hazing, all of the fraternities have grown to accept that they cant make their new guys go thorugh the same stuff you see in the movies. We are all going to college to learn, not to party. Study first and then see if you are ready for Rush week!