L.A. Fitness is brand new and opened recently within the end of 2013. The gym is located in the far corner of the plaza where Best Buy is located off Veterans Parkway. The address is 2103 North Veterans Parkway Bloomington, IL 61704. 

L.A. currently has a sign up promotion going on that drops the usual $99 initiation fee down to $49 and places you at a monthly (no-contract) rate of $30 a month.


Like most gyms there is the typical workout equipment that most lifters are custom to, but in addition to the weights is the addition of a pool, racquetball courts and a basketball court as well.

The pool which can be see above has three to four lane for free swim. Swimming can be a a very effective exercise due to the fact that it works all major muscles. 


The basketball court is a little undersized but efficient for getting in pick up games or starting a league. Constant running back and forth is obviously a great workout for cardio, but basketball is also a great way to just hang out and have some fun. Upon asking the court can also double as a full length volleyball court.


One of the most popular leagues among L.A. Fitness members is racquetball. Much like tennis the game is played with a racquet and a ball but instead of the usual rules applied in tennis the whole room is considered in-bounds. Again much like basketball much cardio is involved and it is also a great way to have fun and get in shape.

Another part that is included during the sign up process is the availability of a free training session. These trainers are highly skilled and know what they are talking about. They provide you with tips to proper exercising, dieting, and give you motivation to continue coming to the gym. Why would one not want to take advantage of a free session?