With enough practice, napping can be easily mastered. From the mightiest king to the lowliest serf, everyone enjoys a good nap. Especially adorable kittens. Napping is the best thing on earth.

City Buses

The transit system often takes quite a while to get to their destination, making napping an obvious choice. However, it can be difficult to find comfortable seating, as it is almost as if the seats were designed to dissuade napping.

The first thing one needs to do is find a way to wake up when one arrives at ones destination. If riding the Green A to Heartland, for example, there is a large speed bump just before the stop. This will almost certainly wake you up. If speed bumps are unavailable, it may be helpful to rest your head on the sides of the bus. This will cause your naps to be very frequently interrupted as you flicker awake during every turn and stop due to head trauma, but it will get you off the bus on time.


None of the sideways facing seats are suitable for napping. Disregard these. They are unimportant.

The best seat for napping is directly behind the rear entrance. It is the best for three distinct reasons. You can put your knees up without bothering another patron. Since there are only two seats available, it is unlikely for another passenger to sit next to you. Finally, the commotion of people exiting the bus is likely to wake you up in time.

In the seats with a barrier/other seats in front of you, there are two ways to nap. The first is to, while seated, get in a pose similar to the fetus position, with your knees resting on the barrier in front of you. If there is a speed bump or other noticeable way to wake you up, you can use a backpack or sweater behind your head for a pillow for added comfort. If this is not possible, you can rest your head on the wall. This position is rather comfortable, however, it is likely your legs or behind may fall asleep. The other position is the standard seated position, and while it is less comfortable, there will be no tingling sensations in your backside.

The far back seats are also suitable for naps. However, they are uncomfortably high, so unless you are extremely tall you will find it nearly impossible to sit properly. As such, one can slouch, which is comfortable, however causes back pain. If the bus is nearly empty, you can place your feet on the arm rest of the seat in front of you.

Bus napping takes a bit of practice to get used to, primarily so that you can actually nap and wake up in time to depart.

Sleeping in Class

Many classes almost seem designed to make you fall asleep. Whether its an interesting class that starts way too early, or a horribly boring class that happens right after a meal, sleepiness happens. By following this guide, you can make your naps as unnoticeable as possible, as well as comfortable. Keep in mind that your professor, if you are in a class numbering less than, say, thirty, WILL notice you napping. Unlike high school, you probably wont get yelled at, but you will lose some points for lack of participation.

Seating Arrangements

Contrary to popular opinion, the back row is the worst place to go if you intend on taking naps through a class. Professors tend to keep an eye out on the back row, attempting to get them involved in discussions. The ideal spot is about 3/4 of the way back. You are far enough away not to be a center of attention, but not so far away that they are looking at you to cause trouble.

If there is someone in the class who is constantly answering questions, it makes sense to stay far away from them, so you will draw as little attention to yourself as possible. This idea is logical, but flawed. The professor will instead look in the opposite corners of that person, in an attempt to get new people involved. Ideally, you will be within four or five chairs of the genius who always has their hand up.

Napping Positions

The best position is arms crossed, slouching a bit, chin tucked in close to your chest. This position is ideal for many reasons. First, you need the chin tucked in so your head wont drop back, instantly waking you up, as you then fall asleep again. This is the most obvious way to nap, anyone can see it happening from a mile away. The arms crossed gives you something to do, and also warms you up - which is nice to assist in the sleeping speed. You need to slouch so you aren't quite as obvious.

The worst thing you can do is put your head on the desk. At this point, you are no longer napping, you are just sleeping. You will probably snore or drool or something, this is not good.

Napping in Public

Napping in public is often greeted with considerable amounts of scorn, as though you are the scourge of society. These looks are entirely baseless. Public napping is often the best kind, and once you get past the original embarrassment, you will find it quite enjoyable.


Napping in a nice patch of grass on a warm day is wonderful. The difficulty, however, is in finding a proper park. There is nothing quite as horrific as waking up to find that you have napped on a large ant hill. The length and breed of grass also play a large part, some grass is naturally itchy and uncomfortable, while other grass is better than a mattress.

General Tips

First, bring sunscreen. Even if you're going to be in the shade, you will likely get burned if you take a nap, and that ruins an otherwise wonderful evening. You might also want to bring an old sweatshirt to use as a pillow. Bundle up the sweatshirt, place it at the trunk of the tree, and nap away.

Specific Parks

McGraw Park is a great place to take naps. its a huge park with lots of cool chairs to sit down in and also you can go for a swim in their fountain they have out there!

Other public locations

We have all drifted off after finding a particularly comfortable chair, it is entirely natural. Public locations often feature the perfect amount of noise - not loud, but not entirely silent - that seems to knock us out. There are a few places where napping seems designed, and is allowed, and others where napping is frowned upon. I will include both areas in the following sections.

General Tips

If you feel awkward simply napping somewhere, bring a book that can fit in your pocket or purse. Open the book, place it on the chest or in some other natural position, and nap away. It will be assumed that you nodded off while reading, which is not only acceptable, but is adorable.

Do not assume that the cushier the chair the better. Often, very squashy comfortable chairs feature low backs and are uncomfortable. You will want to slouch a bit, with crossed arms, and a back high enough that you can support your head on it.

Specific Locales

The Bloomington Public Library has a wonderful noise ambience, as well as extraordinarily comfortable chairs.