1107 1/2 B Croxton Avenue, Bloomington, Illinois
(309) 830 0814

Party Palace Outdoor Wedding & Tent Rentals is a newer business in the Twin Cities, but is growing rapidly due to their great service, elegant products and amazing prices. Whether it's for a formal wedding or a backyard party, Party Palace has what you need.

All of their tents are in great condition and competitively priced. They have a wide variety of tent styles, colors and sizes and offer all other outdoor party and wedding rentals supplies needed for all types of events, no matter how big or small. When you make contact with the company by phone, text or email, you will be speaking directly with the owner and will know you are getting his personal attention and the pride he has in his work.

Because of this, Party Palace continues to grow as a locally-owned business and be successful in the outdoor wedding rental industry. Michael has great interaction with the brides in helping to plan their event. One great feature Party Palace has that competitors do not, is with computer software. Michael offers a premium wedding layout package that will show the bride exactly what the event will look like once ready. This is a great feature because all parties involved in the event, like caterers and djs, will know exactly where to set-up, from tent placement on the property to tables, seating, dance floor, stage and head table. By giving the customers a print-out of the layout, this really helps with the preparation for the big day and especially helps prevent any unnecessary stress the day of the event.

History of Party Palace

Party Palace was established in 2010 by Michael Pohlmann. Michael was born and raised in Bloomington, IL and graduated from University High School. Michael also recieved a Bachelors Degree from Eureka College in Eureka, IL. He always knew that he wanted to open his own company and had experience with tent set-up from previous employment and knows the area very well. Michael enjoys working outside and being able to see the finished product of a job well done.

Location and Contact Information

Party Palace's office is located at 1107 1/2 B Croxton Avenue in Bloomington, Illinois. The office does not have set business hours, but you can call or text at (309) 830-0814 or email at PartyPalace@ymail.com anytime for questions, quotes or to make an appointment to meet with Michael. Another great place to find all of this information and more is at their website, http://www.bloomingtonpartypalace.com.

Servicing Area

Located in Central Illinois, Party Palace is willing and able to service all of Illinois. Although most of their business is done is in Central Illinois, as the business has grown in reputation, so has the distances to the jobs they are willing to take on. During the 2011 Wedding Season, Party Palace has traveled from Rockford to St. Louis pleasing customers.

Party Rental Products

These tents come in all styles, shapes and sizes to accommodate any event. They have two different types of tents, frame tents and pole tents. Frame tents come in sizes of 20x20, 20x30 and 20x40 and can all be attached together to make different sizes and shapes. They also offer a 35x40 hexagon shaped framed tent. Pole tents come in sizes of 20x20, 20x30 and 20x40. They also have 40x40, which can have sections added all the way up to 40x200. Side walls can also be added to all of their tents, which can come with or without the plastic see-through windows. The side walls are a great way to get out of the wind, bright sun or rain and add privacy.

Frame or Pole Tents

Frame tents on the right, Pole tents on the left

Party Palace rents frame tents for all occasions. Frame tents have high peaks and high pitch ratios. Frame tent peaks are supported by cross cable wires that run from corner to corner of the tent, 9 feet in the air with the center pole resting on the cables and therefore does not come to the ground. These tents can be anchored using stakes or barrels. Frame tents are great on concrete and asphalt because drilling a hole is not required for anchoring. The frame tents are available in sizes of 20x20, 20x30, 20x40 and the hexagon shaped tent, which has dimensions of 35x40 feet.

Pole tents come in all varieties of sizes and colors. These tents must be anchored with stakes or ground anchors. Pole tents have center poles that come to the surface in the middle of tent, making a high peak. These tents come in sizes of 20x20, 20x30 and 20x40 feet.

Table Rentals

Party Palace offers tables in several shapes and sizes as well. They have 4 foot round and 5 foot round tables. They also have 6 foot and 8 foot rectangular banquet tables. The cocktail tables come in two sizes: short and tall.

Chair Rentals

Party Palace rents blue, black, and white plastic folding chairs. They also offer white garden resin folding chairs with seat pads and gold Chiavari Chairs with ivory seat pads.

Dance Floor Rentals

They rent two different wood grain styled dance floors. The lighter grain comes in 4x4 foot sections and the darker grain come in 3x3 foot sections.


They also offer staging, which comes in 4x4 foot sections. This is great for events that include bands!

Wedding Rental Products

40x120 Wedding Tent with a hexagon frame tent in front

They are making a name for themselves in the outdoor wedding industry because of their attention to detail and elegant products. The wedding tents are used solely for weddings and are in great condition. The wedding tents come in two widths: twenty feet and forty feet and sections are added to reach the desired size. Each additional section added to the wedding tent is twenty feet long. The twenty foot wide wedding tents can get as big as 20x140 and the forty foot wide wedding tents can get as big as 40x200.

Having an outdoor wedding reception is a great affordable option and Party Palace offers several elegant products that will make the set-up of the event look amazing. With two different lighting options, tent liners, drapes and skirting, you’re sure to find a great look that will set the tone for the evening.

Tent Fabric Liners, Center Pole Drapes & Side Pole Skirting

Party Palace rents fabric tent liners for the upper ceiling of the interior of the tent. The tent liners are available in all shapes and sizes. They are most commonly used on 40 foot wide pole tents.

Center pole drapes is a white fabric that covers the aluminum pole. Center Pole drapes are available with 40 foot wide tents only.

Side Pole Skirting is also a white fabric that covers the wood poles and is available on all pole tents. Side pole skirts are excellent with up lighting.

In the picture to the right, it shows all of the above: a tent liner, side pole skirting and center pole draping. On the left hand side of the picture is a side pole with a skirt and a black sash tied to it. In the middle of the picture you can see the center pole coming down with a draping on it. The tent liner is hanging down from the ceiling and when all three products are used, the tents are very elegant.

Chandelier Lighting

Party Palace rents four-globe chandelier lights with pole and frame tents. They use two hundred and forty watts each. The chandeliers attach to the center pole of the tent to provide lighting from above.

Up Lighting

They also offer up-lighting in single color options and synchronized color changing options. Up-lighting is a single light that sits on the ground of the tent next to the side poles and shines upward, lighting up the inside of the tent. There is an up-light placed at every side pole of the tent.

Graduation Party Packages

Party Palace offers phenomenal graduation party packages and these packages are great for all sorts of other outdoor parties, from anniversaries and birthday parties to cookouts with family and friends. These packages include the tent, tables and chairs, with the capability of adding side walls or table and chair covers. This is the best way to have a graduation party as it cuts down on the clean-up and stress of having an indoor party. The packages vary from pole tents to framed tents and their website does a great job of explaining the differences and picturing both. Also, if you’re not sure about how much space is on the property for an outdoor party, just contact them. They will come out and measure and discuss what different sizes and styles of tents will fit.