A wedding is one of the most beautiful, joyful, memorable events in a person's life. It is a momentous occasion that is to be celebrated with those closest to you. It is a day that most girls spend their childhood dreaming about and well in to their adult years. So much planning is involved in making such a special day as close to perfect as possible. With that being said, it can also be a very stressful time! Involved is the process of legalizing the union, choosing a venue, color scheme, the bridal party, guest lists, registries and so much more! Some have avoided the whole celebration due to the stressors of it all. But there is a simple solution to those problems. That solution is Simple Elegance Design- your event planning dream team! Simple Elegance Design is your one stop shop for all things event related. They offer a wide array of services including: Planning & Design, Rentals, and some really neat unique features like a photo booth!


On this page, you will find information on Simple Elegance Design. Where they are located, some company history, photos of events they have planned and designed, more details on services offered by SE and photos to back it up, as well as testimonials from past clients. You will also find out the benefits of hiring an event planning team as well as the effect SE has on our community. Enjoy and get lost in a wedding to dream of!

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About Simple Elegance

Simple Elegance Design is located at 1706 E. Empire, Bloomington IL. For those of you familiar with Bloomington, it is just as you turn on to the service road that lead to the old AMF Circle Lanes bowling alley. For those of you who are new to town or unfamiliar with Bloomington, it is out Route 9 East (Empire Ave) past Eastland Mall but before Lowes and it is on the North side of Empire- for either the familiar or unfamiliar, it is in the brick building that has the "Kaisner Homes" sign.

Contact Info:

For event inquiries, you may contact Simple Elegance Design Consultant, Miranda Davis at (309)261-2559 or by email at [email protected]. An alternative to this would be to go directly to the website's contact form <insert here>. For additional information, check out the website as well asSimple Elegance Design Facebook page.

 <font color="#0066cc">https://www.facebook.com/SEWeddingsandEvents</font>


Simple Elegance Design was founded in 2007 by the Mother-Daughter duo, Julie Schumann and Miranda Davis. Both are Senior Consultants for the business. They share a love for people and the endless possibilities of beauty they can bring to your special event. Miranda Davis, has a passion for design, planning and attention to detail. She comes highly recommended from all she meets. The reviews are consistent- "She goes above and beyond to meet her clients expectations- and more than their expectations!". Her kind nature and gentle spirit shines from the moment you meet her. She outs her creativity to good use through her unique experience created for each event she plans- always up on the latest trends.  Julie Schumann is one of the most professional women you will ever meet. She too shares a love for beautiful things and a desire to make others happy. Julie has an extensive background in the corporate world and is great at all things managing. She enjoys gardening which truly shows in the floral arrangements she creates for events. Between her ability to hunt for the best deals, her love for flowers and design, and her caring disposition- you cannot go wrong. The two of these ladies will never cease to impress you with their skills and dedication. You will quickly find yourself NEEDING Simple Elegance Design to plan your event to perfection. Take a look at some <photos> of events by SE to get your creative mind blown!!

This company has a vision, and that is so a necessity for small business owners. I had a nice chat with the gals of SE where I was able to pick their brains a bit. They have a vision of being "Professional, Classy and top of the line". They stay up to date on the latest trends, which makes them a top choice in Bloomington-Normal and surrounding areas. The people who would most benefit from services of SE are "Anyone with an upcoming event including corporate/business events, weddings, anniversaries, and parties of any type." We all know someone who knows someone who's planning a party or event of some type. Such a broad variety of people can benefit from their services! When talking about different trends that are effecting these people's lives, Julie said "The internet, especially Pinterest, overloads people with ideas and experiences of what they want their event to look like. Therefore, expectations are set high for including all of the ideas they see".  With nearly 50 million active Pinterest users in US alone, the possibilities are truly endless. It's great to have a virtual inspiration board to collectively get all your thoughts in one place. It is also great to have an interest in current trends to better equip your business for future clientele. Definitely a proactive choice of SE!


Simple Elegance Design is "a complete package, a full service event planning company". They offer many services that fall into event planning and offer several different packages to fit the need of every client. The "Basic Package" called Day Dreams is for the client who has everything put together but doesn't want the stress of executing it all on their big day. SE consultants would then start overseeing the planning and design for your event a couple of weeks before hand. Visit the <Day Dreams page> to learn more. Next, they have the Sweet Dreams package which is the midsize event package for under 300 guests. SE consultants will take more of a hands on role throughout the planning process of your event. They will locate venues, search for exceptional venues, set a budget and help implement that, provide basic décor/design, help find lodging for any out of towners coming to your event, several planning meetings and much more. Lastly, SE has a Simply Dreamy package, this is the full service, big shebang! Professional planning customized to the Bride, Groom and their families sharing in the special day. The package includes many luxury services including: Creative design and décor with theme and concept well thought out, concierge service for last minute details/deliveries, attendance at several important meetings with Venue and Vendors, design for "pre-event parties" (bridal shower and personal showers, bachelorette and bachelor party), and many other conveniences for the Guests of honor! With all 3 of these packages, you get SE Senior Consultant's personal attention, Unlimited email access to them, unlimited phone calls within normal business hours, confirmation of vendor services prior to the event and the absolute guarantee of a stress free special day! Another option is for the recently Engaged, it is a Basic getting started package (the DIY wedding). Here they meet with the couple for 2- 1.5 hour sessions and get them into the thought process of event planning. They go over some basics and prep the couples as to what is involved in wedding planning. Some are so overwhelmed with the process that they absolutely have to have assistance with the planning process, for this reason SE also offers a $200 credit to any services booked within a week after this consultation.


The Photo Booth is an ongoing trend amongst events in recent times. Simple Elegance has a top of the line Photo Booth available, with high quality photos, LED lights always on (which eliminates red eye), several photo size options for singles, couples or groups, a variety of props and the list continues. <font color="#0066cc">http://aweddingtodreamof.com/dreams/photo-booth/</font>


<font color="#0066cc">http://aweddingtodreamof.com/dreams/gallery/</font>


So, you've learned about Simple Elegance Design, their amazing Senior Consultants/Owners and the endless options that could make your special day just dreamy- You know you want to get more information, how do you get the ball rolling? Contact Miranda Davis, Simple Elegance Design Senior Consultant, as mentioned earlier, either by email at [email protected], By phone at (309)261-2559, or by a contact form found directly on their website, link found here>> <font color="#0066cc">http://aweddingtodreamof.com/dreams/contacts/</font>


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