Starplex Cinema Home Page

201 McKnight Street Normal, IL 61761 (309) 454-1373

Pricing: $6.00 ALL SHOWS BEFORE 6PM and CHILDREN/SENIORS/STUDENTS AFTER 6 PM; $8.00 ADULTS AFTER 6PM; Nominal upcharge for all 3D films; No Online Fees!

Amenities: Real D 3D, 100% Digital Presentation, Stadium Seating, Online Ticketing Available, Credit Cards Accepted, Specialty Cafe, Hand-Dipped Ice Cream, Luxury Seating, $1 Hot Dogs, Party Packages Available, Digital Surround Sound, Wall-to-Wall Screens

Starplex Cinemas is a very beloved movie theater in Bloomington/Normal because of many reasons.  There are also a few things that people probably do not know if they don’t go to movies often or are not from Blo/No.

One thing that people probably don’t know about the Starplex Theater is that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays there is a special offer on movies.  On a normal, non-holiday, Tuesday they offer any movie that isn’t 3D at a price of $5 instead of the average $6.  So, you save a little money especially if you’re buying for more than yourself.  Another offer that not many people know about is that on Wednesdays, also non-holiday, you can receive a free small popcorn with each ticket purchased. This is positive because usually popcorn from any theater is way overpriced, but now you can see a movie and have munchies as well and only for $6.  One last known feature that the Starplex Cinemas has is; that on Wednesdays they have a Wednesday Mommy Matinee movie day.  This means any parent or guardian can take their young children to the theater.  But not any normal, movie showing, theater.  The movie of their choosing will be held in a normal theater BUT have brighter lighting and a softer volume for the child.  This is a benefit because that means that Mommy and baby can see a movie in a more relaxed, less harsh setting, and enjoy their time together.  Also children under two get in free.

Starplex also has an app so you see all the latest movie releases and their show times.  I bet you didn’t know that!


The Starplex Theater is probably my favorite in the Bloomington/Normal area for many reasons. First being that i live quite close to the Starplex. To locate this wonderful place you must find Raab Road then turn on a perpendicular street such as School St. when you see the big purple Starplex letters. The theater has decent parking, by that i mean the first 5 rows aren't all handicapped only. When ordering a ticket sometimes they talk too loud but that's okay i just make an overwhelmed face to let them know. ticket prices aren't too bad. okay that's a lie because every movie theater is robbing us blind but compared to most its not bad. As for the snack department, its all pretty overpriced but that's why you sneak food in.... but anyway the popcorn is good because there is butter-distribution-control. on a side note i went to starplex tonight and got some sour worms and they were so old and gross i just ate the box they came in. anyway the actual rooms for movies are nice. comfy chairs, yet they are too hard to recline without putting your feet up on the seat in front of you. as for the picture quality I've always been very happy with it. same with the sound. soooo parking— 5/5 ticket$— 3.5/5 snacks— 2/5 movie quality— 4/5 overall— 4/5



When I went to this theater there was only one person working so the lines took forever. It smelled like old nasty popcorn and candy. The theater was not clean in fact it was disgusting. The only thing that I like about it was..... oh wait there wasn't anything.


My favorite movie theater in the Bloomington-Normal is Starplex Cinemas. Starplex Cinemas is on the outskirts of Normal and is a newer building in the area. Starplex Cinemas has a very large parking lot which is helpful for movie. I really like Starplex Cinemas because they honor student ID’s and students can get their tickets for the movies for $6.00. Starplex Cinemas is a very clean movie theater and the food at concessions are reasonably priced. One of the things that I really enjoy about Starplex Cinemas is that you, the customer, control the amount of butter that is put on your popcorn because Starplex Cinemas has a butter machine. With the press of a button, the butter comes out and you can control how much butter goes on your popcorn. —unknown

Starplex Cinemas is modern theater located at the intersection of Raab and Main in Bloomington-Normal Il. When you walk through the front door you're instantly overwhelmed with the buttery popcorn smell that only adds to the fun and friendly atmosphere. The theater has a great selection of movies with reasonably proced tickets. Students with a photo I.D receive a discount. The food isn't the cheapest around, but what theater do you know of that sells cheap food? —unknown TEST

The Starplex is the best and cheapest theatre in the Bloomington-Normal area. It has a great location unlike the Palace theatre which is inconvient for almost everyone that lives in town. It is close enough to ISU and Wesleyan campuses that is easily accessible for the college students of both schools. They have fourteen screens so you can catch any of the newest popular releases on multiple screens so not everyone is crammed together. The fourteen screens include two 3d screens and a 25x60 foot mega screen. One last thing, Avoid the $1 hotdogs. It may sound like a good deal, but there is a reason they are only a dollar.


I have traveled to the Starplex only twice.  I say travel because I live about an hour away in Fairbury.   Both instants I have had a great time.  Ironically I have been in theater 12 both times, it makes me laugh at my luck.  The first movie I saw in the theater was Frozen.  I went with my family and it was wonderful.  The vendors of popcorn, candy, and pop were full, the popcorn smelled heavenly, and there were plenty of people roaming around behind the counter to get you what you wanted.  The theater, theater 12, was clean and had a good amount of people.  But not too many people to where no one could hear or see anything.  The seats were decent, it was warm and pleasant, the video display was upright and the lighting was splendid (I love how they slowly dim the lights just before the movie starts,) and the sound was tremendous.  But that was a while ago, months I do believe.  I actually went to the Starplex just last Friday, the twenty-first of February.  I went to watch the movie About Last Night.  I went with my friends Tara and Dawn, we had a blast.  The place was so packed, as it was a Friday night.  The Berge’s Root bear that I got was delicious, the popcorn was absolutely perfect.  Although, I will say that the vendors are tricky, giving us a free popcorn refill and a free pop refill knowing that we were not going to be able to get that refill, no one wanted to miss any of the movie.  So as our popcorn and my pop disappeared right before the movie started, we had none, but that’s okay because the movie was good and the place was clean and warm.  I will say that this time the place was a lot warmer than before, we were almost dying of heat.  All in all I will say that this is a place that I am going to visit again and again.  I have never seen the place in bad shape or empty.  The theaters are at all times clean and the movies spectacular.  The movie theater popcorn is under no circumstances horrible or stale, the employees are continually pleasant and nice to me and whomever I am with, and you can have a grand time just watching a movie with friends or family.  -Jessi45



Starplex is located right off of Main Street by discount tires and Schnucks. It is in a great location because it is right by the surrounding colleges plus it is easy to get to. My friend and I go to the movies quite frequently and Starplex is one of our favorite theater to attend. This theater has plenty of parking spaces although if you go on a Friday night there is a good possibility you might have some walking in store for you but they also have multiple exits so it makes it a little easier.  They have decent ticket prices and offer discounts for students and seniors. At Starplex they have a total of 14 screens and plenty of seating. I’ve gone multiple times have never had the issue of not being able to sit with my group. The chairs are comfortable and also recline that is if you can fine a seat where the person behind you doesn’t put their feet up. This theater also shows 3d movies for a $2 upcharge and offers Dbox seating for $16 a ticket. The snacks are a little over priced in my opinion then again it’s a theater so it’s kind of expected.  I normally eat before we go and try to go on Wednesdays so we can get the free popcorn that they offer. I really like that they have butter dispensers so you to add as much butter as you want after you get your popcorn. Every once in awhile like every theater you get a batch of older popcorn but all you have to do is explain to the staff that you want a new batch and they will be happy to accommodate you or just deal with it. Every time I’ve been here their staff was very helpful with pointing out which theater we were in and getting our order around in a timely manner. Although on slower days it does get a little frustrating when they have two lines opened one for taking orders for snacks and drinks and the other for taking movie ticket orders. So you have to get out of one line just to get in line again but it can’t always be perfect. Another reason why I like this theater is because they have large bathrooms with plenty of stalls. There is nothing worse than having to go to the bathroom in the middle of a movie and then having to wait in line to get a stall. Over all this theater is one of the best movie theaters that I have been to it is always clean and very accommodating.


Overall, I find Starplex Cinemas to be a great movie theater for students. They have a very large parking lot so that people don't have to fight for spots. They are also usually reasonably priced when it comes to tickets giving student and senior discounts when needed and for good or for bad they are not picky when it comes to carding youths. There are sometimes when I am kind of like really you didn't card them, but then again I don't really care cause they aren't my kids. So it can be good or bad that they are laid back depending on your point of view. They also offer certain discounts on certain days of the week or certain times which is really nice. It is also really easy to sneak food in the theater. They really don't care because some people come in with these giant purses/bags and they don't even blink when these people walk by. The concessions are a little pricey, but what movie theater isn't? The quality of the movies is good and I have never had any problems finding a seat and enjoying the movie quality wise. Usually they have multiple movies playing in different theaters, so it usually does not get over crowded unless it is opening day for a movie or something. The theaters are usually clean and the staff is more or less polite. I would definitely recommend this theater for students looking for something to do or a good place to watch a movie.-HeartlandStudent1