The Coffee House and Deli is located at 114 East Beaufort St. in the new and improved Uptown Normal.  It's known for the funky interior that has the feel of a second-hand furniture store.  It's also known as a great space to study and has a unique culture to it.  They offer a range of coffee drinks, both hot and cold, along with teas, pastry items and merchandise all for reasonable prices. Wifi is free, just ask for the password. The atmosphere is laid back, clean, and friendly.


Shows here don't come around too often, but they are starting to pick back up. The Coffeehouse closes at around 9 p.m. and that's when the shows would start, so prepare for a long night. It's a pretty easily accessible location being right in the middle of college town and would be an ideal location for a pretty packed show. Space inside is tight, but that only adds to a positive factor of a good show! A sound system is usually provided as far as vocal mics go, but never seen drum micing or stage monitors etc. set up there. It's an all ages place and if you're a band that would play here, you'd get your fair share of the profit for the night which is also nice. It's a really chill environment good for acoustic gigs and poetry and what have you. All in all a pretty sweet place to play a show if you know the right people to set one up.