The Loft
202 E. Side Square, Clinton, Illinois
Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m.-2 p.m., closed Sunday
Amanda Ferguson
Payment Method
Visa, Mastercard, Cash

Centrally located in Clinton, Illinois on the town square, The Loft brings big city services to its customers with small town hospitality. The Loft is a pleasant atmosphere that offers a wide variety of products. The Loft is known for it's 5-star gourmet coffee, espresso, fruit smoothies, and hot panini sandwiches. A new addition to The Loft is a fountain pop machine, where they can make homemade cherry Coke, strawberry Sprite, and vanilla Coke. The service that you will receive at The Loft is very pleasing, they are always happy to see you and ready to fulfill your wants as soon as you enter the door.

*Brewed Flavor of the Day* Monday- Turtle Sundae Tuesday- Almond Amaretto Wednesday- French Vanilla Thursday- Caramel Kiss Friday- Jamaican Me Crazy!! Saturday- Creme Brulee

*Frappes* (ice cream/espresso/flavor) Caramel, Mocha, Mudslide, Creme Brulee, Mardi Gras, Vanilla

*Smoothies* Oreo, Wildberry, Banana Berry, Rootbeer, Strawberry or Raspberry Cheesecake, Pina Colada, Strawberry or Raspberry Colada, Chocolate Monkey, Lemonade, Apple Pie, Chai Tea, Strawberry or Raspberry Lemonade, Mint Oreo, Chocolate Covered Cherry, Chocolate Chip

*Soup of the Day* Monday- Chicken and Dumpling Tuesday- Potato Bacon Wednesday- Tomato Florentine Thursday- Potato Bacon Friday- Broccoli and Cheese

*Panini* Turkey Spinach Artichoke, Club Dijon, Spicy Italian, Turkey Bacon Ranch, Pizza, Bacon Black & Bleu, Roast Beef, Fergalata, Turkey Reuben, Black & Bleu, Reuben, 3 Cheese

*Crossaint* Chicken Salad, Ham Salad, Tuna Salad, BLT, Turkey & Swiss, Ham & Swiss

*Sides* Pasta salad, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Soup, & Chips

"Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee"