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I've started this page as local history project to allow students of Lynn University to explore and construct a history of their own university. I was given the idea of doing history by "walking around" by one of Lynn University's history professors. As a relatively new professor on campus, I had wondered about the names of the buildings on campus. Who were or are the deHoenle's, the Assafs, the Friebergers? Why is there a Catholic chapel on the grounds of a secular institution? Although a brief overview of the history of Lynn University can be found at the official Lynn University site, I was particularly interested in learning more about the formation of a university and its relationships with the surrounding community. As a member of the faculty, I have professional obligations to serve the University community and the greater public. As a particular sort of academic, I am especially interested in how the themes of legacy, heritage and community have formed and influenced this specific University. 

One of my first steps was to meet the Director of the Lynn University archives, Kathleen Clunan. A little of her story and involvement with the University dates back to the earliest days as a Marymount College. I received a warm welcome from Kathleen and I hope to use some of the materials in the archive to showcase in this site. 

It should be noted that this website does not represent any official viewpoint or perspective of Lynn University or any of the official sites of the City of Boca Raton or the Boca Raton Historical Society.



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