Abraham Lincoln and Idaho have a strange but close relationship together.   In 1858 Idaho wasn't even a territory and by March 1863 Lincoln had paved the way for Idaho's statehood (1890) by chopping apart pieces of Oregon, Washington, and Nebraska Territory and forming Idaho Territory (Territorial map).   Sounds crazy right but hey the President of the United States had that type of authority on his Presidential belt.   Idaho can thank Lincoln for drawing Idaho on his map and taking the only mountainous part of Nebraska and giving it to the Gem State.    This and the fact there are two large bronze statues of Abraham in Boise makes many idahoans feel connected to the 16th President

Lincoln statue plaque*Sit with Abe* Picnic with the 16th President*

Lincoln statue infront of Idaho Capitol* Lincoln statue infront of Idaho Capitol*

*Photos by P. Browning permission to copy/reproduce for educational purposes only.