Art Deco architecture is a distinctive style of architecture that began in the United States in the 1920's.   This style of architectural design became vogue in the most powerful and largest cities in the United States.   Examples include the Empire State Building in the New York City,  Chrysler Tower in New York City, Bank of America Building in Chicago, Fisher Building in Detroit, Garfield Building in L..A., and Boise's Hoff Building and Ada County Court House.    Art Deco architecture was an ideal style to show power, fortune, and innovation through clean lines and an upwardly dimensional visual appearance.    This style of architecture lost popularity during the depression but a resurgence was realized during World War II.                                                                  

Hoff Building 8th/Bannock (1930)Hoff Building in the background of farmers market.*

*Photo by P. Browning permission to copy/reproduce for educational purposes only.