The Basque Mural is located east off S. Capitol Blvd next to the Bank of America parking lot across from the Boise Grove Hotel.

*Photo taken off Capitol Blvd*Photo taken off Capitol Blvd next to Bank of America*

The Letterheads, an international group of sign painters, painted this mural for the city of Boise at their annual convention in 2000. Lead muralist, Bill Hueg, designed the mural and the Yankee’s Machine Shop donated the panels. Letterhead founder, Noel Weber, and more than 25 volunteers worked for three days to complete the project. The mural contains these images: Basque Explorers & Merchants; Baserri, the Farmhouse; Picasso’s “Guernica”; Tree of Gernika; Uberuaga/Aguirre Boarding House; Oinkari Basque Dancers; St. John’s Cathedral; Jim Jausoro; Basque Sports; and Sheep Camp.

* Photos by Philip Browning permission to copy/reproduce for educational purposes only