Tour of Birds of Prey and the National Conservation Area (NCA)

The NCA is now known as the Morley Nelson Conservation Area due to his tremendous contributions as a raptor specialist and promoter of the Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. This Birds of Prey Tour is an interesting mix of Geology, History, and of course the wonderful Birds of Prey.

Looking at the map below (click on to see a larger image), our tour will begin at exit 50 in Boise where we will turn a right heading down South Cole Rd. where we will stop at the "World Center for Birds of Prey". The Bing Attractions webpage tells us, "Responsible for housing more than 200 birds of prey, this wood and glass interpretive center stands out against Boise's flat southwestern fields. Visitors to the World Center for Birds of Prey can admire peregrine falcons, eagles, owls and California condors, or stroll through the grounds, crossing over a rocky creek on a wooden bridge. The 7,200-square-foot interpretive center features soaring wooden beams and colorful wildlife art. Volunteers answer questions and provide informational programs and workshops. Hours vary on season. Check website for more details." The centers website is at where it will give you an exact address and further relevent information about this fun stop to visit.

From there we will turn right onto Holly Lynn and another right onto Pleasant Valley Rd. until you reach Kuna-Mora Rd. where we will take a right. Take Kuna-Mora Rd. to Cloverdale Rd. and turn right and then left onto Kuna Rd and you reach the Kuna Visitor Center at the SW corner of Kuna Rd and Swan Falls Rd. The Kuna Visitor Center which can be found on the web at makes mention that, "Information Kuna, 15 miles southwest of Boise, is a blossoming community of farmers to city slickers who all crave the open space of Kuna. Kuna's Highway 69 was recently named a Western Heritage Historic Highway, one of four in Idaho. The Snake River Birds of Prey Natural Conservation Area begins in Kuna and is the center of the largest concentration of birds of prey in the continental United States. Its 482, 000 acres stretch through Ada, Elmore and Owhyee counties." There is an exhibit building beside the visitor's center that houses displays relevent to the Birds of Prey (BOP) area. This is usually only open during the summer.

Traveling South on Swan Falls Rd. the travelor will pass by Initial Point on the east side of the road and Dedication Point further down on the west side of the road just before reaching the Swan Falls Dam and Historic Exhibit. Information on Initial Point can be found at and a video tour of Dedication Point can be found at

Finally take a right onto Swan Falls Rd. and continue south to Swan Falls Dam. Idaho Power has been instrumental to conserving this area and promoting the BOP area. The Bureau of Reclamation has also been a contributing partner along with Snake River Raptor Volunteer to mention just a few. The following website is a great place to find resources on what you will see on this amazing tour, click for your entertainment and educational pursuits