Though the city of Boise is a much smaller market, then say Los Angeles, the “City of Trees” can still pack a punch, when it comes to watching movies on a big screen. Hopefully this mini-tour can be a help when your having a hard time deciding which Boise movie theater to visit.

The first stop on this mini tour, The Country Club Reel Theater, is considered to be one of the nicest “cheap” or discount movie theaters around. This six digital-theater facility, lives up to its name, as it is very clean, in great condition, and has comfortable, padded seats. Country Club Reel does not show newly released movies, but rather movies that are close to coming out on DVD, but the price of admission, is only $2 on regular days and $1 on Tuesdays. The theater boasts great concession prices, with their biggest steal, “The Reel Deal,” which includes a small popcorn and a medium drink for only $4. Upside: You can see a movie, with a popcorn and drink for only $6 per person. Downside: The movies that you can see will be out to rent soon after and there is not enough space between the seats and aisles, which sometimes makes patrons feel cramped. For showtimes and information go to []

The next stop on the tour is at another heralded discount theater called Overland Park Cinemas. For over 30 years, Overland Park Cinemas has been providing unique experiences for Boise movie-goers. “OPC” is known for its family-friendly environment and kid oriented options. Admission prices are $3 for Adults and $2 for students, children and seniors. The Concessions are done in a distinctive way. Customers can buy concession coins that can be redeemed for two regular food items or one large food item. Concession Coins are $3 for adults and $2 for students and children. On Tuesday’s you can get a movie ticket and a concession coin for a steal, just $3 total price. OPC’s most unique concession item, is the big dill pickle, which is literally a big pickle in a cup. Upside: Cheap concessions and fun family atmosphere. Downside: Older facilities and crowded theaters. For more information about OPC go to

Next we have the biggest, brightest and most popular movie theater on the tour. The giant complex known as Edwards 22 and IMAX is the place to go if you want to see any new release blockbuster movie or movie premieres. This theater probably has the most comfortable seating, consisting of red recliner-like chairs, with thick padded arm rests. It seems to be the only theater on the list that you can almost literally relax and stretch out in. One of the theaters most sought after features is the IMAX, which is a giant movie screen that usually plays 3-D movies. The price of an IMAX ticket is $15.50 for an adult and $13 for children. The price of regular admission is $10 per person. Concession prices are also very high, as it can cost over $12 for large popcorn and a large drink. Many people believe that Edwards 22 and IMAX is a great place to bring the whole family. Upside: Edwards 22 and IMAX theater provides one of the best overall theater experiences around. Downside: You have to pay a pretty penny for that experience. For more information visit

Next up is the most intriguing and interesting movie theater in Boise, fittingly called The Flicks. The Flicks is a 4-plex theater that appeals to the art film-lover. Since 1984 The Flicks has been showing mainly art, independent, and foreign films. The two things that our most loved about The Flicks, is the food and the atmosphere. Courtesy of Rick’s Café Americain, which is located inside the theater, The Flicks offers a wide variety of food, ranging from lasagna ($8) to a Hummus and Pita Platter ($5.50). There are so many food items to choose from, that it gives the participant a wide variety of tastes and prices. The atmosphere of The Flicks is very adult but also very special because it feels almost more like you are at your own home, then like you are at a business. The café features a dinning area with a fireplace, to make every customer feel warm and cozy. The theater also has a video rental shop, which includes a wide variety of film titles. It cost $2.79 for a two-day DVD rental. Upside: Has by far the most food options out of all the theaters in the Treasure Valley and a very homey atmosphere. Downside: It is hard to find free parking, as it is limited and if you don’t like art films, then I’m afraid this isn’t the theater for you. The Flicks has a top of the line website you can check out at

The mini tour now takes us to another of the Edward theater chains, this one being called the Edwards Downtown 9 theater. If you are a downtown junkie, then your going to enjoy going to the Edwards Downtown 9 complex. Located close to Boise Center on the Grove and Century Link Arena, this theater is like a mini version of the Edwards 22 and IMAX theater on Overland. It has many of the same features. It cost $10 for a regular ticket and $7.50 for a matinee. The one thing that separates this theater from its Edward’s counterparts, is that in the summer time, every Wednesday night it offers a movie flashback night, where people can watch classic movies (Star Wars, Gone with the Wind, Ghostbusters, etc…) at discount prices. Upside: The movie flashback night lets you relive your childhood and adolescence movie-going experiences and the theater will validate your parking. Downside: Good luck finding parking on a busy night. For more details visit

The final stop on the tour is at the most historic theater in Boise, which is known as the Egyptian theater. The Egyptian has been a staple of the downtown Boise scene since it was completed in 1927. Though it is mostly known for its live performances (Opera Idaho, plays, concerts) a few times a year the Egyptian puts on film festivals. When these events come to town they are a can’t miss activity. Past film festivals have included, the Northwest Winter Film Festival, TGR presents: One for the Road and the Backcountry Film Festival. Upside: It is the most historic and beautiful theaters in the northwest. Downside: Did I mention it is historic? For more information about the events and happening at the Egyptian go to

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