Boise has much to offer in the way of culture and art. Many art and historical sites exist within the downtown area of Boise that many people may not have ever see or know about. The Boise Public Art Tour is one way to gain a different perspective on Boise and to better help understand Boise’s history. In the immediate area around the Capitol Building exists four public works of art in the form of four memorials and two historical sites that people may explore, the Borah Building and the Capitol. That isn’t to say that across the street nothing else exists. Boise isn’t well known for the amazing architecture or beautiful works of art, but the diversity that exists to make up the downtown area makes Boise special.

Tours are offered year round. It is a guided tour that can take you across all of downtown Boise. The tours may go anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Tours may only be scheduled in between the times of 8am – 5pm. The size of the group scheduling a tour may only reach 30 but may be as low as one. If it is a K-12 group that schedules a tour two chaperones are required. All tours will begin in front of City Hall. Depending on the request of whatever group is going, tours vary. That is why the discrepancy exists when planning how long tours last. Downtown is full of cultural artifacts that, when discovered, help visitors and locals understand and gain a better appreciation of and for Boise, ID. To read more about this tour visit

To view a map of locations that the tour explores click on the link


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