Boise River Festival

What began with a very humble beginning in 1990, the Boise River Festival grew in such proportions that it became unprofitable and lost most or all of its corporate sponsors. The river Festival touted the largest fireworks display this side of the Mississippi and it was indeed, spectacular. The festival vendors and concert stage enveloped Ann Morrison Park and most of Julia Davis Park.

There was always something to do two were always in competition with each other, The Fiddlers Festival, bringing the best fiddlers from the nation, and then the River Festival, bringing in talent such as Art Garfunkel and other top name performers.

Sadly, in 2003, as mentioned above, it lost most or all of its corporate vendors and was left with many debts that the City of Boise had to pay. It was a noble idea, but it became too wrapped up in itself and could not survive.