This page is a list of things Boise either sorely lacks or that certain wiki users are demanding be supplied. Wiki users can hope that businesses and/or the City Council will take note of our suggestions. Also see I Love Boise and I Hate Boise.

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Fresh, local vegetarian meals on the Boise State campus: The campus has sponsored many talks about sustainable foodways, but it isn't yet bringing that vision to campus.


I wish that Boise had a Trader Joe's. Maybe someday...!

(It looks like Boise has now received its Trader Joe's. Opening soon...

2011-04-19 04:17:04   I wish that even a few of the trees in Boise's parks were close enough together to hang a hammock between. Alas, they were probably planted that way on purpose... —AnnaHoldorf

2011-04-25 01:34:43   I wish Boise had an IKEA. —StephanieMilne

2012-04-30 22:00 I wish Boise had a professional sport team. -PhilipBrowning


2012-04-30 22:25 I wish Boise had a 7-11 because Slurpees are wonderful when it's 100 degrees. -PhilipBrowning


2012-04-30 22:26 I wish Boise had a bicycle sharing program similar to Seattle, Portland, and the Bay Area's. -Philip Browning


2012-04-30 22:30 I wish Boise would enforce the non-smoking ban along the Greenbelt. -Philip Browning