BroncoPrint is an extremely useful and convenient way to print anything through the campus network. From any computer, either campus owned or personal, you can print to the network, and show up to any of the BroncoPrint locations. With a simple swipe of your BroncoCard, your saved prints show up and after a touch of the screen, your paper magically prints.


Boise State allots $15.00 towards the printing of documents per semester. As you can probably guess, this is tacked onto your tuition. One can only imagine where the unused balance goes, considering that it is never refunded or rolled over to the next semester. Use the system. Print useless stuff at the end of the semester to get your money's worth. Sure, a small forest will be destructed in the name of Boise State University, but it's better than allowing your precious tuition dollars to go into a mystery fund.