Dr. George Collister donated the land that Collister Elementary sits on today. Back in 1912, after the land was donated by Dr. Collister a four room brick school was built. In 1922 Collister Elementary was annexed into the Boise School District which it is still part of today. By 1948 another four rooms had been added to the West side of the school. During this remodel land was purchased North of the school for a larger playground, the basement of the school was transformed and completed into a kitchen, and the outer-side of the building was stuccoed. In 1953 another six classrooms were added, an office, and the gymnasium. By the 1970’s another set of remodels took place. The kitchen was added to the side of the gymnasium, along with counter tops and benches in the hallways that served as the children's lunch area. Above the gymnasium there is a room that they use for the sixth grade band. The basement was also transformed yet again into the schools Library and Media center. Sometime in the 80’s the school district funded lunch tables for the gymnasium and the gym served as both a gym room for basketball and physical education and a functioning lunchroom.

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