275 South 23rd Street Boise, ID
(208) 342-3664
Richard Ennis
Date Established


Ennis Fine Furniture, located at 275 South 23rd Street in Boise, has been selling some of the finest furniture available to Idahoans for over 65 years. The furniture is mainly up-scale, featuring brands like Drexel Heritage, Stickley, Lexington, and Thomasville. Throughout the years, Ennis Furniture has been able to flourish as a successful Boise-based family-run business with a reputation for great customer service and only the finest furniture available.

Richard Ennis, current owner of the business, took over the reigns from his father in the early 1950’s after graduating from Idaho State University. As a recently married man with an expanding family, Ennis saw the furniture business as great potential for a prosperous family business. Stressing importance on great customer service and superior products, the business proceeded to thrive throughout the decades to follow. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Ennis stores were also opened in Washington and Nevada. Ennis currently employs roughly seventy people in the Treasure Valley and therefore is a valuable asset of the local economy.

Mr. Ennis and Mrs. Ennis, now a 77-year-old couple with a 58-year marriage, raised six children together over the years and all of them eventually chose to work in the family business. Currently, their five sons each manage a separate Ennis store and daughter Cathy Fackrell is the Office Manager in Boise. Although Mr. Ennis has created a great business that would seem to prosper with or without his presence, he continues to head into work seven days a week from nine until six purely by choice.

The headquarters of Ennis Furniture has been the same since its inception. Mr. Ennis, a Boise native born in 1933, has witnessed Boise unfold to its existence in the present from the perspective of a successful business owner. From the view of his office window on 23rd Street, Mr. Ennis has seen Boise’s history from a unique perspective and continues to be optimistic about the city’s future.