Longing for the good old days of soda shops and burger joints? Look no farther than Fanci Freeze Drive-Thru in historic North End Boise. Built in 1943, Fanci Freeze has been serving the best burgers, tots and milk shakes in town. Generations of downtown employees, Boise High students and North Enders have visited Fanci Freeze to answer the call of hunger. Probably best known for their Boston Shakes, Fanci Freeze continues to impress new generations with their ice cream fantasies, juicy burgers and crispy tots. The restaurant merged with Big Bun, another name in Boise burger joints in February 2010, and now reaches another audience of diners. The food served in both locations is everything you want from a drive-in. Big and juicy hamburgers, crispy hot tots, perfectly grilled grilled cheese sandwiches, and awesome chicken sandwiches! Be sure to bring a substantial appetite and save room for ice cream! Fanci Freeze offers more than 40 milkshake flavors and 12 dipped cone flavors, but the best ice cream purchase is the Boston Shake. Delicious layers of milkshake and sundae, topped with whipped cream, the Boston is sure to delight any sweet tooth. My personal favorite? Oreo and hot fudge! Whether taking the time to dine in the newly renovated outdoor dining area, or grabbing your food on the fly, Fanci Freeze will not let you down. As official sponsors of Boise State athletics, Fanci Freeze definitely has their finger on the pulse of Boise, and their taste buds!