Boise's 'Farmers Market' is officially named the Capital City Public Market.   The market operates from the middle of April to the middle of December from Saturdays 9am-1pm.   Seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs, specialty meats such as; grass fed bison, wagyu-kobe beef, organic poultry, seafood, mushrooms/morels, artisan breads, and a plethora of other great specialty foods and other local items are available.   Forms of payment accepted vary by local vendor (cash is a good bet) however an electronic processing station is available  and if all else fails...find an ATM, the Market is located downtown next to plenty of banks and credit unions.

The Market's origin is traced to 1994 and its realization is accredited to Karen Ellis and the S-16 Corporation.   Karen Ellis was awestruck by Seattle's Pike's Place Market and she thought Boise could support a local market.   Karen's passion was unfortunately unmet by the rest of the Markets's administration and in 1996 it was re-located to the great Boise landmark known locally as "the hole" (although recently it was sold and construction is underway).   Karen serves as the Executive Director for Capital City Public Market.

WIthin a few short years the Market would demand more space with the increase in both vendors and customer support.   Big changes have materialized at the Market over the past two decades.   You can observe a local chef prepare a dish with local fare, purchase fresh organic local produce, and support the local food economy and small farmer.   From a humble 12 tent beginning to today's 150+ vendor count the Market has expanded from the dirt lot on 8th/Main St to occupy the entire Boise Grove and central downtown district every Saturday morning.   

Fresh produce and herbs.*A local vendor proudly displays his harvest.* Arrive early for your best pick of produce.*

Colorful potatoes*Fresh, local and sustainable*Flowers too!*

Literally a TON of berries!*Questions?   Find the red booths for help!*Cooks/chefs prepare meals for informative shows.*

*Photos by P. Browning permission to copy/reproduce images for educational purposes only.