Harrison Boulevard is, "one of Boise's most picturesque thoroughfares, is named for President Benjamin Harrison, who signed the Admissions Act making Idaho a state. His visit in 1891 prompted the City Council and local landowner Jeremiah Brumback to rename 17th Street in honor of the 23rd president." Harrison Blvd is one the most iconic places for Holiday spirit. It is often richly decorated for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Many of the houses have antique light fixtures, statues, and exterior in general. Val Kilmer the actor is known to have a residence on the boulevard [this editor has never heard this, and would love to know more]. It "was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980 and designated as a local historic district by Boise City in 1989."

Harrison Boulevard becomes Bogus Basin Road at the junction of Hill Road on the north end. It ends at Hays Street on the south end. McCauley Park can be found at the Hays Street merging. Harrison Boulevard is in what is commonly referred to as the North End of Boise, which richly deserves its own page on this wiki, as it is a diverse an idiosyncratic neighbood with a strong identity.

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