The sculpture History in Motion: Past, Present, Future by Marc Stasz (2003) was made with the creativity of mirroring the motion of a bouncing ball. This is supposed to symbolize the children playing games in Catalpa Park in the past, present, and future. Boise’s Mayor David Bieter along with the Collister Neighborhood Association held a ceremony at 7p.m. on Monday, June 7, 2004 to dedicate the public art sculpture titled “History in Motion: Past, Present, Future.” Speakers included Mayor Bieter, the artist Mark Stasz, Fonny Davidson of the Collister Neighborhood Association and Marcellus Brown of the Boise City Arts Commission.

The sculpture is made up three arcs; the first arc presents the Past. The artifacts placed on this arc are a visual representation of the neighborhood’s historical past. The second arc is made of steel and Idaho limestone. The choice of this rock symbolizes the solidity of the Collister community. The last arc bounces towards the sky, advising lookers to look towards the future. Metal silhouettes are drawn by young children on this arc acknowledging the “importance of the next generation’s imagination. Seven members selected this particular art sculpture using a public process involving reviews of previous work, resumes, interviews and presentations. They also considered written comments from the public.

This sculpture was funded by $20,000 grant from the 2003 City’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Program. The City’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Program grants about $200,000 a year to neighborhood associations.

“America doesn’t spend enough time appreciating what art does for society.”


As you first enter Catalpa Park this public art sculpture is one of the first things that will catch your eye. It is a beautiful representation of the imagination that takes place within the parks boundaries.

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