I Hate Boise because.......

I hate Boise because so many people pretend to be gender/culturally sensitive but when the proof hits the pudding so many Boiseians will refer to a Cuban as "the Mexican guy/gal" or a Korean as "that Chinese guy/gal" and a Navajo as "the Indian guy/gal".   How about asking them about their ethnicity or just keep your damn mouth shut!


I hate Boise because many think the simple fact of eating at an 'ethnic restaurant' constitutes being culturally diverse.   If that is true then Pakistan and the Ukraine are embracing the U.S. culture since there is a McDonald's restaurant in those countries.   I am sorry to tell you but eating a California roll, burrito, or gyro does not mean you appreciate a culture.   It simply means you are hungry and are willing to part with some $$$ in your pocket to satisfy whatever food desire you are craving.   Try experiencing a different language, religion, music genre, or cultural dance.   


I hate Boise because it's still a 'good 'ol boys club' type of state.


I hate Boise because there are no 7-11's and that means no Slurpees during Boise's hot summers.


I hate Boise because police pull people over for not having a light on their bike or a seatbelt across their lap.   Isn't there better things for the police to do besides writing ricky-tack tickets?   How about finding real crime?!?


I hate Boise because there's so many title loan and pawn shops.


I hate Boise because the people are not culturally diverse, although many pretend to be. The Boiseians are often racist to people of other ethnicities and always draw attention to the color of their skin. Downtown Boise is the worst though, it's full of unoriginal hipsters and granola people who refuse to shop at any other store than the recently added 'Whole Foods'. They constantly frown upon anyone who doesn't abide by their ridiculous 'Go Green' approach to life. The saddest part is how it's actually kind of comical to live in Boise because it's so pathetic.