Robin Lee Row-

Robin Lee Row is the only woman that is on Death Row in the Women’s Correctional Facility in Pocatello, Idaho.  She is there because of the horrific murders of her husband and two children.  Their murders took place on February 10, 1992, when a supposed fire broke out on the first floor of the apartment in which Row's husband, from whom she was separated from and her two children were living.  When fire crews reached the scene of the burning structure, what they found would then shock the entire city.  Firemen found the bodies of three dead people that were identified as her husband Randy and children Joshua, 10, and Tabitha, 8. All three of the deaths had resulted by the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.

            Fire investigators concluded that there was a liquid accelerant used to start the fire and upon further investigation that the smoke alarm had been turned off.   Row had been living with friends and investigators had placed her as the main suspect.  Current Ada County Sherriff Gary Raney was the chief investigator on the case.  As he delved into the case, she saw many red flags that indicated that Robin Row was the main suspect.  Further investigation that he did concluded that in 1980, she and her son were living a cabin in California, and her son died in a fire that was caused by a heater that caught blankets on fire.  The boy died and Row collected $28, 000 dollars from life insurance policy.    

            As the investigation progressed, Row was embezzling money from the YMCA where she was working.  Things had begun to unravel for Row when detectives had found that Row taken out life insurance policies on her husband and children that totaled over a quarter of a million dollars.  She was then arrested and charged with three counts of murder.  Her trial began in 1993, and on December 16th, she was found guilty of three counts of murder. 

            In 2011, her appeal was dismissed by Judge B. Lynn Winmill.  Her case is said to have numerous legal problems and was sent to a higher appellate court.  As stated above, she currently sits in the Woman’s Correctional Facility in Pocatello.  When and if she is finally sentenced to murder, she will be transferred to Death Row in the Idaho State Penitentiary that is south of Boise.