Boise is one of the most eclectic cities when it comes to people’s tastes and of course, their taste in pizza. There are many quality pizza restaurants in Boise and this mini tour can hopefully give you, the reader a few choices on what you can choose from. The only chain pizza that is represented on the tour is Papa Murphy’s. The other pizzerias are local and unique to Boise and Idaho itself.

The first stop on the tour is one with the most unique flavor and atmosphere. Flying Pie Pizza has been in the valley for over thirty years and has the reputation of being the best. It has been said that their pies have been flown around the world for customers to enjoy. They also have many micro brews and beer on tap. They do have an excellent salad bar, and children of all ages can enjoy this hearty experience.

If you like “New York Style” pizza, thin crust, lots of sauce and cheese and awesome toppings, the Guido’s (original shop on 5th and Idaho, now also on Chinden) is the place for you. There is nothing like sinking you taste buds into an authentic slice and savoring the flavor. Guido’s is a good place for a family gathering to enjoy this excellent pizza.

Now, moving to the downtown area, for a unique flavor and aroma, then the Pie Hole will be unique treat. A slice of Baked Potato Pie is one that you can never compare to anything else. A slice of pepperoni is also enjoyable and sitting outside enjoying these savoy morsels, makes your visit to the Pie Hole a fantastic taste experience.

Next up is the Idaho Pizza Company, and they serve a great combination pie. During the week, their lunch buffet cannot be beat! Great salad bar, pizza and other treats await you at the Idaho Pizza Company!

As for a “chain pizza”, Papa Murphy’s is very good with its take and bake selection. The Cowboy is their signature combination and if you are in the mood for a Chicago style pie, for the price, it does measure up to its competitors quite well. A Papa’s perfect is also a good choice for the kids and parents alike!

Last but not least is the Chicago Connection. Their specialty is a Lasagna pie, and they make a very mean deep dish pie. Their Hawaiian pizza is one that you will not forget, and they have a great salad bar.

Well there is a mini tour of the pizzerias in Boise! Pick one or pick them all and enjoy!

Click on this link for the map of a great pizza adventure!