5...4...3...2...1... HAPPY NEWYEAR!!!!!!!!! So you had a few to many last night did ya?... Well even if not it’s the first day, of a new year, what to do, what to do. Partake in a few non-alcoholic beverages, and watch a few bowl games? But you do that every year why not break out of your shell and do something for a good cause. What is this event you may be asking, it is the 10th annual Polar Bear Challenge hosted by the Make a Wish Foundation. On New Year’s Day hundreds of people flock to the Spring Shores Marina of lucky peak to brave the elements, challenge themselves, and to raise money and awareness for the Make a Wish Foundation. I myself have yet to do this but talking with those that have say it is truly memorable, hundreds of people in nothing more than a bikini or some swim trunks on the snow filled banks of the reservoir doing something many of them never thought they would. Is inspirational and it doesn’t cost you anything so why wouldn’t you do it. So I’ve challenged myself, and I challenge you, change it up take a step out of your comfort zone and I promise you with the Polar Bear Challenge there won’t be a better way of "breaking the ice" in the New Year!

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