On January 18th 2011, The Idaho Superintendent of schools Tom Luna presented the Budget committee of the legislature with his new education plan. Idaho was among a dozen other states that were unsuccessful in their bid to get federal funding during the first round of the US department of Education’s “Race to the Top campaign”. Mr. Luna’s plan introduced new reforms to the local public school system. Merit based pay as well as an aggressive effort to increase the role of technology in schools were the cornerstones of his plan. Proving to be hugely unpopular with teachers and students alike, many Idaho residents took to the streets in an effort to protest Mr. Luna’s reform plans. Nancy Berto, a resident of the Treasure Valley, decided to form a Committee to Recall Mr. Luna. The committee seeks to return accountable leadership to the office of the Idaho State Superintendant of Public Instruction by removing Tom Luna from elected office. According to the committee’s Facebook page, Mr. Luna ran on a pro education platform and was supported by many educators across the state. Once in office, He turned his back on the very people who gave him the mandate to carry out his duties by launching a complete overhaul of the Idaho public education system. Mr Luna’s reforms are believed to lead to an increase in class sizes effectively affecting the performance of students. Despite their efforts, Tom Luna’s reform plan sailed through the senate and became law.

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