Add a caption (Photo courtesy of The Boise State Special Collections Office)

The “Spirit of the Broncos” statue is a steel sculpture erected outside the College of Business and Economics at Boise State University. The statue was commissioned by former College President John Barnes to commemorate the opening of the Business Building. Alfred Kober, a retired professor undertook the task of creating a work of art that would symbolize the tenacity of the Broncos for decades to come. The statue was unveiled to the public in 1970. Since the sculpture is made of steel, it has rusted over the years. When asked Mr. Kober said that the sculpture should remain unpainted since the raw qualities of the steel structure highlight the natural aspect of this particular work of art. In 2006, the Boise State student newspaper, the Arbiter, made reference to the “bucking bronco with huge erection”, a statement that brought considerable media attention to the sculpture. When contacted, Mr. Kober issued out a scathing statement outlining how appalled he was at the notion that the “Spirit of the Broncos” was being compared to a pornography highlight reel. The Arbiter later apologized for the remarks. Did you know that every fall just before finals week students tap the Bronco statue as a form of good luck in their final exams.