The Boise Guardian is the brain child of local journalist and photographer, David R. Frazier, who is paying close attention to the politics going on in City Hall. You can tell that some organizations and bureaucrats in the city think that Dave is a nuisance (perhaps that is because they know someone is watching?), but in 2010 Frazier's blog won a Sammie Award. Here is his acceptance speech.

In 2006 Dave sued the City of Boise to stop construction on the airport parking structure build with taxpayer money. In 2006, the Idaho Supreme Court ruled on Frazier's behalf when they agreed that the City must seek voter approval for spending projects. "Statesman article 9/28/10"

In November 2010 the voters allowed the proposed amendment change (HJR4 and "HJR5") that would constitutionally allow the state to incur long-term debt on similar structures and projects without voter approval.

"The Boise Guardian"

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