In addition to being Boise's City Historian, Dr. Todd Shallat is a professor of history at Boise State University as well as the director of the Center for Idaho History and Politics. Shallat received a Ph.D. in Applied History and Social Science from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1985. Since then, he has authored several books including Structures in the Stream: Water, Science, and the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (1994); Snake: The Plain and its People (1994); Secrets of the Magic Valley and Hagerman’s Remarkable Horse (2002); Ethnic Landmarks: Ten Historic Places That Define the City of Trees (2007); and Lincoln Never Slept Here: Idaho’s Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Tour (2009). Most recently he has been the senior coauthor of the Idaho history textbook The Idaho Adventure (2010).

Shallat has made numerous contributions to Boise history and culture, such as founding the City's Office of the Historian and establishing the First Thursday Fettuccine Forum. He has also won many awards, including BSU's "Researcher of the Year" in 2006, the University Foundation Scholar Award for Public Service in 2007, and the Boise City mayor’s award for excellence in the arts in 2009.


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