Treefort Music Fest is an annual multi-day music festival in downtown Boise that takes place each spring. What does Treefort have? Music, and lots of it. The festival features some of the hottest up and coming artists on the music scene, as well as many local artists. Treefort Music Fest began in 2012 and has grown to include additional "forts".

Other Forts and Fests

There's always been more to Treefort than just music.

  • Treefort Film Fest
  • Alefort
  • Hackfort
  • Yogafort
  • Storyfort


Treefort Music Fest was created by local organization, The Duck Club.  Founded by Lori Shandro and Drew Lorona, the Duck Club works to promote and progress the Boise music scene. Along with the Duck Club, Eric Gilbert also collaborated with the organization to curate and promote the line up for Treefort Music Festival.  Treefort Music Festival is compared to SXSW in Austin, UMS in Denver, and MPMF in Cincinnati.  Treefort Music Fest was inspired by SXSW, a world famous music festival that takes place in Austin Texas during the month of March.


            In 2012, the first year of Treefort Music Fest included over 100 bands and artists. These artists play in a host of local venues within a period of four days.  Pass holders are allowed to attend all of the venues located around Boise.  In 2012, Treefort Music Fest had over 120 bands and artists. The festival featured many up and coming artists such as Blitzentrapper, Of Montreal, Typhoon, Motopony, The Soft White Sixties, and many more. The festival also promotes local artists to play the four-day event. Many Boise artists played Treefort Music Fest such as local band Atomic Mama, Finn Riggins, Grandma Kelsey, and world famous Youth Lagoon.


            The line up overlaps over a period of four days. During these four days, artists play at an array of venues in the Boise area. These venues include the Red Room, the Visual Arts Collective, the Neurolux, the Linen Building, and many pop up venues throughout local businesses in the Boise area.  Treefort allows individuals to purchase different tiers of tickets for the festival. There is a selection of tiered four days passes, two day passes, and individual show passes.  For Treefort 2013, four day passes cost 119 dollars. In 2012, free access to the Treefort Launch party was granted to individuals that bought the four-day pass. The launch party featured local artist and world famous band, Youth Lagoon.


  • The second annual Treefort Music Fest took place March 21st-24th, 2013.
  • The third annual Treefort Music Fest took place March 20th-23rd, 2014.
  • The fourth annual Treefort Music Fest is scheduled to take place March 25th-29th, 2015.

Tennis plays Treefort Music Fest

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