Welcome to the Wiki Public Figure. Please also read the general welcome.

Who is a public figure

  1. Anyone who runs for a local office. This includes the range from City Council or ASBSU

  2. Notable Boiseans

Helpful Information

There are two kinds of pages about people on this wiki:

  • "user pages" that are automatically created when people sign up for an account on the Boise Wiki and have the format "Users/username."
  • pages about people. These pages describe notable people's contributions to Boise.

A few important notes:

  1. Public figures can have a user page, but in addition there is a public figure page whose title has the format "First Last" with any appropriate initials.

  2. The public figure page is a public page. Public figures are welcome to edit their own user pages as much as they'd like, but they shouldn't try to control what's written on public pages about them.

  3. If you want to add something or respond to something placed on the public figure page you can use the /Talk page, or edit the page and be respectful of other editors.